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John Hodgson

John Hodgson

Associate Professor

Nottingham Law School

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John Hodgson is an Associate Professor at the Nottingham Law School.

John is a module leader and module on-line material developer for a number of modules on the NLS distance learning programmes. He also:

  • undertakes considerable research in the area of legal education, especially feedback on assessment, but extending to
  • structural issues in academic and professional education
  • co-author of a textbook on Tort Law and on-going work on online formative assessment
  • writes several journal articles in areas of tort related human rights and medico-legal case law developments
  • has an interest in regulation generally, and particularly regulatory crime
  • is editor of the title Carriage by Road and Rail in the Encyclopaedia of Forms and Precedents.

Career overview

John was formerly a solicitor in private practice as a partner and consultant. He was also formerly an academic review chair and academic auditor for QAA.

Research areas

John currently researches the role of the External Examiner in Legal Education in the United Kingdom. His recent projects include a review of continuing professional development in the solicitors' profession for the SRA, an NTU wide project on the electronic provision of feedback to students and other projects on feedback to students partly funded by the UKCLE.

External activity

John is a committee member (formerly Secretary and Chair) of the Association of Law Teachers and is also a JASB validation representative. He was formerly a member of the QAA Law Benchmarking Group and the drafting group for the PSRB Joint Statement of Qualifying Law Degrees.

Sponsors and collaborators

  • Solicitors Regulatory Authority
  • United Kingdom Centre for Legal Education
  • Hussein Fund for Excellence (Jordan)


1. Principal items relating to Learning and Teaching:

P1 A Survey of Law Teaching Harris and Bellerby with Leighton and Hodgson 1993, Sweet & Maxwell

P2 The Grand National Consolidated Law Examination: A handicap steeplechase for Trojan horses and hacks (Critique of a National Law Qualifying Exam) SPTL Reporter 1996

P3 The Comparative Dimension (or What do they know of England that only England know?) (Comparative Law in Education) [1995] 5 Web JCLI

P4 Blackstones Tort Learning Text and Cases/Materials 1996, 1998, 2001 and 2004 /7 (as OUP Tort Textbook with online resources) (with John Lewthwaite) ISBN 978-0-19-928-764-2 (latest ed.)

P5 Desiderata - What the legal profession looks for in its recruits (with Vera Bermingham) (2001) 35(1) The Law Teacher p1.

P6 Formative Feedback – use within Law Programmes

P7 Feedback on Assessment: can we provide a better student experience by working smarter than by working harder (with Vera Bermingham) (2006) 40(2) The Law Teacher p 151

P8 How ‘vocational’ do law schools want to be? A brief comparison of England and the USA (with Neil Peck) (2010) 19(1) Nott L J p 45

P9 Constitutional Law (online textbook) (2010) Lawinabox:

2. Other items relating to Learning and Teaching:

Marre in Perspective New Law Journal 1988 No 6371 p 615

What do they do with themselves all day? (Research into CPE students study patterns) ALT Bulletin 1992

Answering Problem Questions The Legal Executive November 1994 p16

Academic Issues and Access The Trainee Spring 1998 p 10

Benchmarking: Some Implications for the Academic Community UKCLE/LILI Conference Paper 1999

Statutory Drafting: a learning tool UKCLE/LILI conference paper 2002:

Is Legal Education Working – Generating a Feedback Loop UKCLE/LILI conference paper 2004:

The Law Society’s Training Framework Review The Law Teacher 39 (2) p 198 (2005)

Qualifying Abroad New Law Journal 2005

The Bologna Process The Law Teacher 40 (3) 315 (2006)

Common Law Reasoning and Institutions Module Pack for London External LLB ITC (2007)

Transition management in a large law school: a module-based solution – (with Jo Boylan-Kemp) UKCLE/LILAC Conference Paper 2009

Responses to Consultation for the ALT:

National Committee of Enquiry into Higher Education (1996)

Foundation Degrees (2003)

Roberts Review (2003)

Law Society’s Training Framework Review (2005, 2006 and 2007)

JASB Modification of Assessment of Qualifying law Degrees (2007)

BSB Deferral of Call (2008)

JASB Collaborative Provision (2011)

JASB Compensation and Condonation (2011)

3. Principal other publications:

Fitness to Drive Law Society’s Gazette 1988 Vol 85 (34) p 14

‘Carriage by Road & Rail’ Encyclopaedia of Forms & Precedents 1989 (and updates 1996, 2000 and 2009 and rewrite 2001-2)

Nervous Shock Solicitors Journal 1992-3

Jackson v Horizon Holidays – a case of mistaken identity (1992) 1 Nottingham Law Journal p27

Family Support: a Comparative Analysis (1993) 2 Nottingham Law Journal p32

Medical Malpractice: an overview of the English position p 225 3 Annals of Health Law (Chicago) 1994

How English Judges get European Law wrong (1994) 3 Nottingham Law Journal p34

Collision on the Electronic Highway – more on the nature and scope of liability [1994] The Litigator 11

Hedley Byrne – a new sacred cow (1995) 4(1) Nottingham Law Journal p1

X v Bedfordshire CC (1995) 4(2) Nottingham Law Journal p213

Rights of the terminally ill patient p 169 5 Annals of Health Law 1996

The Classes you missed – Contract [1997] The Litigator 4

Detention, Necessity, Common Law and the European Convention: some further aspects of the Bournewood case (1999) 1 Journal of Mental Health Law p 23

Costello v CC Northumbria Police (1999) 8 (1) Nottingham Law Journal p45

Manx Mode of Trial [2000] 1 Web JCLI

The Human Rights Act 1998 and the Common Law, a healthcare law perspective in Healthcare Law: The Impact of the Human Rights Act 1998, ed Garwood-Gowers, Tingle and Lewis, Cavendish 2001

The Legal Dimension: Legal System and Method in Nursing Law and Ethics ed Tingle and Cribb, Blackwell 2007 (3rd ed)

4. Other publications:

Competition Law and Transport in The Law and Your Business ed Kabi, BKT 1991

Employment Law for Nurses CHS 1993

Book Review: Health Care Law (Montgomery) (1998) 5(3) Nursing Ethics p270. Reprinted in (1998) 49(4) International Digest of Health Legislation (WHO) p 740

Tort Law Update ALT Bulletin 2003

17 articles on recent legal developments for Structural Survey – 1990-95

16 articles on legal issues for the Nursing Standard and British Journal of Nursing 1989-2010

5 articles for the Legal Executive 2003-6

Responses to Law Commission Consultations for the ALT:

Liability for psychiatric injury/Non Pecuniary loss/Criminal Evidence: previous conduct of defendants

This list does not include a number of short opinion or update items which have appeared regularly in a range of principally journalistic publications.

Press expertise

John has experience of working with both print and broadcast media. He can offer comment on European Union legal issues; legal education; the civil justice system; constitutional reform; freedom of speech / expression; and human rights.

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