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Kate Mills

Principal Lecturer

Nottingham Law School

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Kate Mills is the Course Manager of the Legal Practice Course (LPC) and the suite of Solicitors Qualifying Examination (‘SQE) preparation courses at NTU. Kate has taught on the LPC for a number of years and across a range of modules. She is currently joint module leader of the business law and practice modules on the LPC and SQE. Kate teaches tax, business, business accounts and private acquisitions on the LPC. She also teaches a range of skills subjects including interviewing and advocacy.

Career overview

Kate qualified as a tax consultant with KPMG having successfully acquired ATT and ATII qualifications at KPMG’s business school at Canary Wharf. She worked in London, then Birmingham and Nottingham in the Employee Issues Group at KPMG specialising in employee tax matters.

Kate moved back to Nottingham permanently where she qualified as a solicitor with Browne Jacobson and then worked in their corporate tax department advising on a wide range of corporate tax issues.

Kate recently completed her LLM in Legal Practice in which she researched attitudes to study and attendance held by students studying on the LPC at NTU.

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