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Michelle Tyler

Senior Lecturer

Nottingham Law School

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Nottingham Law School staff


Michelle is a Senior Lecturer at the Nottingham Law School. Michelle is one of the deputy Course leaders of the Legal Practice Course (LPC) and the suite of Solicitors Qualifying Examination (‘SQE) preparation courses at NTU. She is currently joint module leader of the business law and practice modules and module leader of the private acquisition module on the LPC and SQE. Michelle teaches tax, business, business accounts and private acquisitions. She also teaches a range of skills subjects including research, drafting, solicitors accounts, writing and interviewing.

Michelle is also the module leader for the Undergraduate module of the Placement in professional practice and Course leader for the Certificate in professional practice.

Career overview

Michelle qualified as a Solicitor in 1998 and specialised in Litigation. She trained at a medium sized regional firm, becoming a partner in 2005. She joined NTU as a senior lecturer in 2018. Michelle is currently a non-practising solicitor.

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