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Nashmil Motazedi


Nottingham Law School

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Nashmil is a PhD researcher in Medical Ethics and Law with a particular interest in topics related to human dignity and inherent worth. In addition to her research, she teaches Law of Trusts, Human Rights Law, and Public Constitutional Law. Nashmil also supervises undergraduate and post-graduate projects (LLM LPC level) in Medical Ethics and Law, Immigration and Asylum Law, International Human Rights Law and Counterterrorism, and acts as a guest lecturer, delivering sessions on John Stuart Mill's "harm principle" for the Critical Legal Thinking module.

Nashmil is currently leading and teaching the LLM module, Mental Capacity and Mental Health Law.

Nashmil also acts as a personal and academic tutor for 2 groups of first year students and is the Year Attendance and Progression Tutor for second year undergraduate students.

Research areas

Nashmil is currently developing an ethical lens through which to examine genetic modification of the human embryo and using this to critique current practice and regulation - particularly regulation at the International level through human rights instruments like the Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine and Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights.

She is broadly interested in themes related to ethics of genetic engineering that have ethical and legal dimensions.

Medical ethics and law especially:

  • Beginning of life issues
  • Sanctity of life
  • Genetic engineering for therapeutic, cloning and research purposes
  • Medical research
  • International human rights aspect.

External activity

Nashmil has presented papers at the following conferences;

Philosophy in Progress (PIP / January 2018): Medical Technologies and Personal Identity at the University of Nottingham. Abstract available at:

“20 Years after” Oviedo Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine (International Anniversary Conference / December 2017) : E-book / Abstract available at:

Nashmil is a member of the SLS (Society of Legal Scholars) and a member of the Centre for Rights and Justice. She also acts as the NLS based organiser of the CERT mentors (previously known as, Buddies).

Press expertise

Nashmil can offer comment on medical law; ethics of genetically modifying human embryos; human cloning; beginning of life issues; inherent worth and international human rights.