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Dr Vasileios Adamidis

Associate Professor

Nottingham Law School

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Vasileios is the International Manager and an Associate Professor at the Nottingham Law School.

His research interests lie in the field of legal history and rhetoric, especially in the context of Athenian democracy. Vasileios has published on ancient Greek law and politics, identifying intersections with modern concepts and practices. Vasileios is a member of the Centre for Rights and Justice.

As International Manager, he contributes to the design and implementation of Nottingham Law School’s international strategy, including international partnerships, collaborations and recruitment.

Vasileios leads and teaches the following module: United States Law.

Career overview

Vasileios studied Law (LLB) at Cardiff University. He holds a Doctorate in Law from the University of Exeter and a Master’s Degree in International Law with International Relations from the University of Kent. He taught in the fields of Law and Classics at the University of Exeter, before joining Nottingham Law School in 2015.

Vasileios is happy to supervise projects on the fields:

- of ancient Greek law, politics and rhetoric,

- on populist studies.

Research areas

With an expertise in ancient Greek law, Vasileios has published a monograph on the rule of law in classical Athens and the rhetoric of litigants in the Athenian courts.

With a keen interest in the theory, history and philosophy of law and its relation with politics, sociology and psychology, Vasileios is a proponent of the interconnection of the currently unduly fragmented social sciences. He has published articles on the workings of the Athenian democracy and their connection with today’s politics and jurisprudence.

External activity

Vasileios has been appointed Distinguished Adjunct faculty to Saveetha Law School, India.

Sponsors and collaborators

Vasileios has received funding from the following organisations:

- Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies

- Society of Legal Scholars: The SLS



Book Chapters:

Journal Articles:

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Press expertise

Vasileios’ expertise relates to ancient Greek law and history, including the ideological and philosophical background of democratic constitutions. He also publishes extensively on populism, democracy and the rule of law.