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A woman sat at a piano looking at the camera

Abbé Perkins

Cello and piano teacher



Abbé teaches cello and piano as part of the NTU Music team.

Career overview

Abbé studied at Clarendon College in Nottingham from 1980-83 achieving Grade 8 cello, piano and theory. She then gained a place at The Birmingham School of Music with specialism in cello taught by Timothy Hugh and Naomi Butterworth and piano taught by Janice Williams.

Following that in 1983-86 she achieved a GBSM Graduate of the Birmingham School of Music (Specialism in Teaching Studies and Distinction in Practical Studies). Abbé is also an ABSM Associate of the Birmingham School of Music.

Abbé has over 35 years of teaching experience as a peripatetic teacher for both local authorities and in private schools, alongside Saturday musical schools, and local Youth Orchestra tuition. This includes extensive experience in accompanying for soloists in concerts and exams, solo work and playing in string quartets/ ensembles as an orchestral player. She has worked as both a tutor and director as well as teaching private students on line and face to face.