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Freddie Kofi

Gospel Choir Leader



Freddie Kofi is the Gospel Leader as part of the NTU Music team.

Career overview

Freddie Kofi - songwriter, artist, music director - brings a fusion of gospel, classical, jazz and popular music styles to the choirs he directs. Nottingham born MOBO Award Nominated artist recently celebrated thirty years in the music industry by being invited by BBC Radio Nottingham to host a two-hour gospel music special entitled, “Gospel Greats with Freddie Kofi”, where Freddie took the listener through the history of Gospel Music by virtue of songs he had selected from artists such as Mahalia Jackson, Andrae Crouch and Whitney Houston.

As a choir director, Freddie states, “I believe singing [in choirs] should be fun, challenging and inspiring all at the same time; where a combination of melodies, harmonies and lyrics contribute to creating a community where all are welcome and all can feel included.”

Freddie is the winner of an Ivor Academy Best Song Award, and he continues to push sonic and thematic  boundaries with his music today. Freddie’s new release, Across The Divide (Ft. Present Future Generation Choir), continues  is out out now on all streaming platforms.