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Cheryl Rounsaville

Cheryl Rounsaville

Head of Global Student Opportunities

NTU Global


As head of the Global Student Experience team, Dr Rounsaville’s remit includes developing and overseeing projects that help all students, UK / EU / international, to internationalise their learning experience during their time at NTU. Her team is also responsible for providing social support to our international students and opportunities for integration for all students. Two of the main projects on which she leads that support these goals are the Global Lounges and Global Week, these projects received two NUS-UKCISA awards in 2016 for Innovation in Internationalising the Student Experience and Excellence in International Student Support.

Dr Rounsaville also manages NTU’s partnership with Nottingham Trent International College (NTIC), working closely with NTIC staff to ensure smooth progression of over 500 students to NTU each year. She also works to enhance the student experience for NTIC progressors during their time at NTIC, and also support their continuation and attainment of a good degree during their studies at NTU.

Career overview

Dr Rounsaville’s career in International Education began when she worked as an English teacher in Japan on the JET Programme from 1996 – 1999. This experience sparked her interest in promoting internationalisation and working with students from different cultures. Upon returning home to the U.S. after JET, she managed the American part of the JET Programme from the Embassy of Japan in Washington, D.C. until 2004. From 2004 – 2006, she managed the National Security Education Fellowships which fund American postgraduates to study the cultures and languages of countries not traditionally studied in U.S. education. In 2006, Dr Rounsaville moved to the UK to study for a PhD in International Education at the University of Nottingham which she completed in 2012. She has worked for Nottingham Trent University since April 2013, first as the University’s Internationalisation Coordinator and in early 2016, with the establishment of the NTU Global team, became the Global Student Experience Manager.

Research areas

Dr Rounsaville is a member of NTU’s Internationalisation of the Curriculum (IOC) Research Group. The IOC Research Group has recently completed two HEA-funded research projects around engaging and supporting academics to internationalise their course curriculum, and identifying disciplinary differences in internationalising the curriculum. They are now writing up the findings of this research for future publication. In addition, the group leads on NTU’s annual Internationalisation of the Curriculum Conference which brings colleagues from around the world to Nottingham to share research and best practice in this area.

Sponsors and collaborators


Rounsaville, C. 2011. Cutbacks in student immigration: Reflecting on the lessons learned from the US experience, COMPARE: A journal of comparative and international education, 41(6): 853-856.

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Rounsaville, C. 2010. Book review of ‘Globalisation and Europeanisation in education’, R. Dale and S. Robertson (ed.), in COMPARE: A journal of comparative and international education, 40(5): 678-679.

Research Assistant and Contributor - Transitions and Transformations at Home and Abroad: The Impact of Internationalisation on the Student Self, a report to the Economic and Social Research Council, Dr. Qing Gu, Dr. Michele Schweisfurth, Professor Christopher Day, and Dr. Fengliang Li, September 2009.

Contributor – Handbook for Hosting: The AED Guide to Welcoming U.S. Students to Your Campus, 2006.

Journal articles in progress:

Engaging academic staff in internationalising the curriculum in a large modern UK University. (Internationalisation of the Curriculum Research Group, 2017).

Case study of disciplinary difference. (Internationalisation of the Curriculum Research Group).

Internationalisation of the Curriculum Conference 2016, Conference Proceedings. (Internationalisation of the Curriculum Research Group).