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Maggie Laurikova

Maggie Laurikova

Global Student Experience Coordinator

NTU Global


As Global Student Experience Administrator for Clifton Campus, Maggie directly responsible for implementing the internationalisation strategy set out in NTU’s Strategic plan into our students’ daily lives on our second-largest campus. She runs the Clifton Global Lounge which is a social space where students can relax and meet others from all over the world, but also find information about our partner universities and global opportunities, and be inspired to go abroad. Additionally, she organises intercultural and globally-themed events to provide students with an international experience on campus and to raise awareness of various global issues including sustainability and climate change. Maggie also co-organises the largest cultural project at NTU – Global Week, which is a week-long celebration of the rich cultural diversity at our university. She interact with various stakeholders (students, schools and departments, Nottingham Trent Students’ Union and external partners) to make the student experience truly global and to prepare students for life in an increasingly interconnected world.