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Diane Wren

Research and Partnership Development Officer

Research Development


Dr Diane Wren is a Research and Partnership Development Officer for SHAPE disciplines. She provides research funding support for research centres, research themes and schools. Diane also assists with the creation of funding applications to external research funders and with the development of internal and external research partnerships.

Career overview

Diane obtained her PhD in Medieval Archaeology from the University of Nottingham, looking at the impact of conquest on identities and socio-economic networks. Prior to joining NTU, Diane lectured at the University of Nottingham, worked as an Education Researcher for the National Archives and was a museum curator.

Diane joined NTU in 2019 as a Research Fellow and Research Centre Co-ordinator for the Centre for Architecture, Urbanism and Global Heritage and worked on a number of externally funded international research projects. Diane started her current role as Research and Partnership Development Officer in March 2021.

Research areas

Medieval archaeology and history, particularly identity and socio-economic development in Medieval western Europe, c. AD 400 - 1300, also museum collections management and access.

Press expertise

Diane has experience talking to the press about medieval archaeology and history research, and about museum collections and exhibitions.