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Amin Safaei

Amin Safaei

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer

Computer Science

Staff Group(s)
Computer Science


Amin is a Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in software engineering. He is also the leader of Advanced analysis and design and foundations of computing & technology modules. He has broad research interests on Software Engineering, including: testing object oriented software, Design Patterns, Advanced architectural design and Agile mythologies.

Career overview

  • Software Project Manager
  • ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) Analyst/ Software Engineer
  • Network and Systems Department Manager
  • Senior software developer & Oracle database administrator
  • Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) consultant, Freelance.
  • Editorial Board Member, Author, Network Magazine.

Research areas

  • Data warehousing and OLAP tools e.g. Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) for ETL process and Oracle Warehouse builder (OWB), AWM for data cube design.
  • Embedded systems for traffic management. i.e. embedded ALPR camera.
  • Designing, development and administration of surveillance systems e.g. Genetec Security System (GSS)
  • Designing and developing IOT (Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Deep Learning Algorithms.
  • Data acquisition, and  data processing software, utilising design patterns, OOP, TDD, SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and Entity Framework, using Phyton, C# .NET 4.5, WPF, Oracle, SQLite, SQL Server, and other products as required like bug tracking systems, source/version control systems, throughout the software delivery life cycle


Incorporating negentropy in saliency based search free car number plate localization - publication date: 2016, publication description :Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

Real-time search-free multiple license plate recognition via likelihood estimation of saliency - publication date: 2016, publication description :Computers and Electrical Engineering

Robust search-free car number plate localization incorporating hierarchical saliency - publication date: 2016, publication description :Journal of Computer Science and Systems Biology

Search-free license plate localization based on saliency and local variance estimation - publication date: Nov 10, 2014, publication description :SPIE

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