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David Richardson

David Richardson

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Chemistry and Forensic Science


Dr Richardson is a Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Analytical and Physical Chemistry.

Career overview

Dr Richardson was a Research Associate in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Loughborough University from 1999 - 2010.

Research areas

Dr Richardson's main area of research interest is gas adsorption and heterogeneous catalysis. A major part of his research has involved the development of ‘Flux Response Technology' as a method of investigating gas adsorption and catalysis. This technology uses very precise measurement of gas flow rates in order to measure adsorption or desorption rates in real time. Flux Response has already been applied to single component and binary gas adsorption and to the study of reactions (including the decomposition of methanol and of ammonia). Dr Richardson is also interested in adsorption and catalysis in general as well as further applications and development of Flux Response. He also has some research experience in the area of spray freeze drying.


Selected publications

  • Effect of processing variables and bulk composition on the surface composition of spray dried powders of a model food system. Jones JR, Prime D, Leaper MC, Richardson DJ, Rielly CD and Stapley AGF, Journal of Food Engineering, 2013, 118, 19-30
  • Measurement of adsorption of a single component from the liquid phase: modelling investigation and sensitivity analysis. Heslop MJ, Schaschke CJ, Sefcik J, Richardson DJ and Russell PA, Adsorption, 2008, 14, 639-651
  • Pore structure in nickel created by ammonia at 873K. Richardson DJ, Hellgardt K, Russell, PA, Mason G, Buffham BA and Bates JE, Journal of Materials Science, 2008, 43, 665-670
  • Nickel substrates having a porous surface used for catalysts. Mason G, Buffham B, Hellgardt K, Russell P and Richardson DJ,  International Patent No. WO/2008/050129, 2008
  • Model of a non-isothermal tubular ammonia reformer for fuel cell applications. Hellgardt K, Richardson DJ, Russell PA, Mason G, Buffham BA, World Review of Science, Technology and Sustainable Development, 2007, 4, 161-172
  • Chromatographic retention times using mixture pulses of different compositions. Heslop MJ, Richardson DJ, Russell PA, Mason G and Buffham BA, Adsorption, 2005, 11, 127-131
  • Flux response analysis: A study of ammonia decomposition over pt/alumina. Richardson DJ, Hellgardt K, Russell PA, Mason G and Buffham BA, Chem. Engng. Res. And Des. 2004, 83, (A10), 1397-1403
  • Modelling and simulation of the flux responses of a gas-solid catalytic micro-reactor. Buffham BA, Hellgardt K, Heslop MJ, Mason G and Richardson DJ, Chemical Engineering Science, 2002, 57, 953-966