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Edward Breeds

Edward Breeds

Senior Lecturer

School of Science & Technology

Staff Group(s)
Physics and Mathematics


Ed is a lecturer, leading undergraduate modules in thermal physics, semiconductor physics, nuclear materials physics and radioactive isotope physics. As well as these modules, Ed has a number of final year project students working with radioisotopes, materials testing and forensic hardware. Ed is also in charge of a number of undergraduate experimental lab sessions.

Career overview

Ed studied a 4-year MSci at Trent before heading to the University of Nottingham to undertake a 4-year PhD. While studying for his PhD Ed worked in a number of industrial environments with microwave technology and low-temperature physics.

Having completed his undergraduate at Trent, Ed has a drive to give back to the university through teaching what he received from it when he was here, enjoying lively and exciting discussions about physics with his students. This lecturing role is the first position held after PhD studies.

Research areas

Ed’s role at Nottingham Trent is purely teaching, although in the future he is hoping to perform research in the areas of NMR and MRI. Aside from his primary area of research - Magnetic Resonance, Ed is particularly interested in the natural world, specifically fascinated by minerals, insects and marine life.

External activity

Ed is heavily involved in outreach activities communicating science to members of the public, writing interactive science shows and demonstrating them to a wide range of audiences across the UK. Ed is also the Regional Secretary of the East Midlands Branch of the Institute of Physics.

Press expertise

    • MRI
    • Low temperature physics
    • Thermodynamics
    • Marine life physics
    • Insect physics