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Emma Sweeney

Emma Sweeney


School of Science & Technology

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Dr Emma Sweeney is a Lecturer in Exercise, Nutrition and Health. She is Course Leader for the BSc Exercise, Nutrition and Health and BSc Sport Science, Health and Nutrition courses. Dr Sweeney also leads the Food and Healthy Eating module on the undergraduate courses and the Sport Science in Action module on the MRes Sport Science courses, as well as contributing to modules on the BSc Sport and Exercise Science course.
Dr Sweeney's research focuses on metabolic health, exercise physiology, sleep and nutrition.

Career overview

Dr Sweeney joined Nottingham Trent University in January 2020. She was awarded her PhD from Northumbria University after completing her BSc (Hons) in Sport and Exercise Science and MPhil at the University of Stirling. Her PhD focussed on the interaction between sleep, exercise and metabolic health.

Research areas

Dr Sweeney's main research interests are sleep, exercise, nutrition, and metabolic health. More specifically, her research explores the impact of sleep duration and quality on glucose metabolism, and examines how exercise and nutrition can modulate the relationship between sleep and metabolic health.


Sweeney, E. L., Peart, D. J., Ellis, J. G., & Walshe, I. H. (2021). Impairments in glycaemic control do not increase linearly with repeated nights of sleep restriction in healthy adults: a randomised controlled trial. Applied physiology, nutrition, and metabolism, 46(9), 1091–1096.

Sweeney. E.L., Peart, D., Ellis, J.G., Kyza, I., Harkes, T., & Walshe, I.H. (2020). Acute Sprint Interval Exercise Alters Impaired Insulin Profiles Induced by a Single Night of Sleep Restriction. International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism. 30(2), 139-144.Peart, D., Walshe, I.H.,

O’Doherty, A., Sweeney, E.L., James, E., Henderson, T., McDermott, A. (2020). The effect of exercise on environmentally induced symptoms of dry eye. Physiological Reports. 8(2).

Chesham, R. A., Booth, J. N., Sweeney, E. L., Ryde, G. C., Gorely, T., Brooks, N. E., & Moran, C. N. (2018). The Daily Mile makes primary school children more active, less sedentary and improves their fitness and body composition: a quasi-experimental pilot study. BMC Medicine, 16(1), 64.

Sweeney, E. L., Jeromson, S., Hamilton, D. L., Brooks, N. E., & Walshe, I. H. (2017). Skeletal muscle insulin signaling and whole‐body glucose metabolism following acute sleep restriction in healthy males. Physiological Reports, 5(23).

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