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Hannah Beska


School of Science & Technology


Hannah works in Chemistry and Biochemistry within the Rosalind Franklin Building at NTU’s Clifton Campus.

She delivers both Chemistry and Biochemistry labs for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th year Undergraduates and helps MSc project students both in Term and Summer.

She reviews and make changes to the Laboratory experiments and Technical requirements for labs.

She trains Laboratory Apprentices in Chemistry Techniques and on Analytical equipment.

She is involved in the writing and review of Process and Risk Assessments and COSHH for the Laboratory she works in.

During practicals she demonstrates techniques and Analytical equipment such as FTIR, and UV Vis spectroscopy to the Students.

Career overview

Hannah has 8 years working as a Technician in a Higher Education Science.

She successfully completed her 4 year Apprenticeship in Applied Chemistry In Industry at the University of Nottingham in 2015, and then worked as an Analytical Technician in the Chemical & Environmental Engineering department for a further 4 years.

She acted as Laboratory Supervisor for 5 Laboratories over 2 buildings where she inducted, trained, ordered consumables/chemicals and reviewed H&S documentation for Research/Undergraduates/Post Docs/PHD's and Academic Staff. She was involved in the review of Process and Risk Assessments for the Department.

She delivered 1st and 3rd year Undergraduate Laboratories, and helped with the design and development of new experiments for the Teaching course including learning DoE (Design of Experiment) and statistics. She managed groups of 4th year and MSc projects  within both Term and Summer which included the training of them on Analytical equipment, sample preparation and data analysis.

She trained Laboratory Apprentices in Chemistry Techniques and on Analytical equipment and became their Mentor throughout their apprenticeship.

She was also involved in Outreach events to promote STEM to young people, and visited schools to get them to solve Engineering problems via the use of a practical.

Press expertise

Hannah was proud to be involved in the #notjustforboys campaign, to promote Women in the STEM subjects.