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Kartikeya Walia


Department of Engineering


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Teaching 'Innovation and Engineering Solutions', a course that fosters creativity and problem-solving skills through hands-on projects. In the first term, students explore Autodesk Fusion 360 for CAD modelling, Reverse Engineering and Generative Design, delving into various topics like sketching, part modelling, analysis, assembly, and more. The Reverse Engineering group project encourages students to explore the fascinating world of innovative solutions whilst working as a team.


Walia, K., Khan, A., & Breedon, P. (2021). “The generative design process for robotic design applications.” Journal of Additive Manufacturing Technologies

Walia, K., Khan, A., & Breedon, P. (2021). “Polymer-based additive manufacturing: process optimisation for low-cost industrial robotics manufacture.” Polymers

Mansfield, N. J., Walia, K., & Singh, A. (2020). Driver seat comfort for level 3-4 autonomous vehicles. Work.

Jindal, P., Worcester, F., Walia, K., Gupta, A., & Breedon, P. (2019). Finite element analysis of titanium alloy-graphene based mandible plate. Computer methods in biomechanics and biomedical engineering.

Gill, D. K., Walia, K., Rawat, A., Bajaj, D., Gupta, V. K., Gupta, A., ... & Jindal, P. (2018). 3D modelling and printing of craniofacial implant template. Rapid Prototyping Journal

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