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Lei Xu

Mr Lei Xu

Senior Lecturer

Department of Engineering

Staff Group(s)


Lei Xu is a Senior Lecturer in Electrical Engineering at Department of Engineering in School of Science & Technology. He is a member of the Advanced Optics and Photonics Group (

Career overview

Dr Lei Xu obtained his PhD (2014) in Optics from Nankai University, China. Since then, he has been performing research and engineering activities in different universities: Nankai University, The Australian National University and the University of New South Wales. His research interests are linear and nonlinear nanophotonics, optoelectronics meta-devices, nanostructure-enabled low carbon technologies (i.e. solar energy harvesting), and bio-photonics.

Before joining NTU, Lei has worked as:

  • Research Fellow (2018 -2020), University of New South Wales and Australian National University, Australia
  • Postdoctoral Fellow (2017- 2018), Research School of Physics, Australian National University, Australia
  • Visiting Fellow (2016 -  2017), Research School of Physics, Australian National University, Australia
  • Postdoctoral Fellow (2014 - 2016), College of Electronic Information and Optical Engineering, Nankai University, China

Research areas

My research focuses on investigating light-matter interactions using resonant meta-structures, specifically manipulating electromagnetic fields at subwavelength scales through optically induced electric and magnetic multipolar resonances, with a specific focus on three primary directions:

  • Energy harvesting technologies: development of a specialised resonant meta-optical system tailored for energy conversion applications, solar cell enhancement, and the advancement of up-conversion infrared imaging technologies. Flat optical devices using metasurfaces, contributing to future advanced nanotechnology solutions.
  • Bio-Photonics: design and development of functional meta-optical systems purpose-built for bio-sensing applications and wearable sensors, contributing to the fields of healthcare and biotechnology, improvements in diagnostics, and monitoring capabilities via optical meta-devices.
  • Tuneable and reconfigurable Meta-devices: Advancing ultra-thin and lightweight optical metadevices to replace conventional bulky optical components, enabling novel approaches to precision light manipulation for high-quality imaging, transmission, and recognition applications.

External activity

Reviewer of journals: ACS Nano, Nano Letters, Light: Science & Applications, ACS Photonics, Laser & Photonics Reviews, Applied Physics Letters, Photonics, etc.

Associate Editor of the journal Nonlinear Optics | Frontiers in Photonics (


Book chapters:

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