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Leiming Gao

Senior Lecturer

Department of Engineering

Staff Group(s)


Senior lecturer

Module leader of ENGG20071 Industrial Design and Product Case Studies

Coordinator of Open Days in Department of Engineering

Career overview

  • May 2019 - now Senior Lecturer in Engineering at NTU
  • 2013-2018 Junior Research Fellow at Imperial College London
  • 2010-2013 Postdoc researcher at University of Leeds
  • 2005-2010 PhD in Biotribology at University of Leeds

Research areas

Dr Gao is a senior lecturer of Engineering in the School of Science of Technology. Dr Gao’s work has been sponsored by major UK and European projects including EPSRC, Leverhulme Trust, European the 7th Framework Programme, NIHR i4i and UK Defence and Security Accelerator. She was awarded with the Imperial College Research Fellowship 2015-18 before joining NTU.

ORCID:  0000-0002-3738-3573

Dr Gao’s research interest is focused on numerical modelling in tribology and biotribology with application of human joint implants.

  • Elastohydrodynamic lubrication simulation and analysis - on joint implants and industrial tribological components.
  • Joint implants wear simulation and analysis - Numerically prediction the wear of artificial hip/knee joints in daily activities, e.g. gait.
  • Musculoskeletal simulation and analysis - motion simulation; joints/ muscle force prediction.
  • Surface texturing design and optimisation - on the interfaces of tribological bearings to improve lubrication and reduce friction.

External activity

  • Fellow of High Education Academy (FHEA) (2018-now)
  • IMechE Charted Engineer (2019- now)
  • Editor of Special Issue ‘Modelling in Tribology and Biotribology’ in Lubricants 2022.

Recent invited talks

  • ‘Lubrication and wear modelling in artificial human hip joint replacements’ at Sino-European Youth Forum on Tribology, Beijing China, 2022.
  • ‘Biotribology and its application in human joint implants’ at University of East Anglia, 2021.
  • ‘A numerical study of non-Newtonian transient elastohydrodynamic lubrication of metal-on-metal hip prostheses’ at CMBBE in Lisbon Portugual, 2018.
  • ‘Elastohydrodynamic lubrication and wear modelling of the knee joint replacements with surface topography’ at The 9th International Biotribology Forum in Chengdu China, 2017.

Sponsors and collaborators


  • Gao L, Lu X, Zhang X, Meng Q, Jin Z. Lubrication modelling of artificial joint replacements: Current status and future challenges. Lubricants, 2022.
  • Butt H, Nissim L, Gao L, Myant C, de Boer G., Hewson RW. Transient Mixed Lubrication Model of the Human Knee Implant. Biosurface and Biotribology, 2021(7): 206-218. doi: 10.1049/bsb2.12020
  • Nissim L, Butt H, Myant C, Gao L, Hewson RW. Role of protein concentration on transient film thickness in synovial fluid lubricated joints. Journal of Biotribology, 2021(28): 100191.
  • Ford A, Hua Z, Ferguson S, Pruitt L, Gao L. A 3D-transient elastohydrodymanic lubrication hip implant model to compare ultra high molecular weight polyethylene with more compliant polycarbonate polyurethane acetabular cups. Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials, 2021 (119): 104472.
  • Gao L. Computational modelling of biomechanics and Biotribology in the musculoskeletal system – book chapter 16 Lubrication modeling of hip joint implants. Published by Elsevier; 2020.
  • Liu D, Jiang J, Wang L, Liu J, Jin Z, Gao L, Hua Y, Cai Z, Hua Z. In vitro experimental and numerical study on biomechanics and stability of a novel adjustable hemipelvic prosthesis. Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials 2018 (90): 626-634.
  • Gao L, Hua Z and Hewson RW. Can a “pre-worn” bearing surface geometry reduce the wear of hip replacements? Wear 2018 (406-407): 13-21.
  • Gao L, Hua Z, Hewson RW, Andersen MS, and Jin Z. Wear Modelling of the Knee Joint Replacements with Surface Topography . Biosurface and Biotribology. 2018 (4): 1-6.
  • de Boer, GN, Gao L, Hewson, RW, Thompson HM. Heterogeneous multiscale methods for modelling surface topography in EHL line contacts. Tribology International, 2017 (113): 262-278.
  • Gao L, Dowson D and Hewson RW. Predictive Wear modelling of the metal-on-metal hip replacements. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part B Applied Biomaterials, 2017 (105): 497-506.

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