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Arifur Rahman

M. Arifur Rahman, PhD

Senior Lecturer

School of Science & Technology


Dr M. Arifur Rahman is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Computer Science, NTU, UK.

Career overview

Here at Nottingham Trent University, Dr M. Arifur Rahman is working as a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science. Before taking this position, he was an Associate Lecturer at the Department of Computer Science, University of Reading, UK. He also worked as a Post Doctoral Research Fellow in the Interactive Systems Research Groups (ISRG), Department of Computer Science, lead by Prof. David J Brown and Co-lead by Dr Mufti Mahmud. Earlier, Dr Rahman served as an Associate Professor in the Department of Physics at Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh, from December 2019, where he started as a Lecturer in June 2006.  Meanwhile, Dr Rahman completed his PhD in Computer Science from the Department of Computer Science, The University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK. At The University of Sheffield, he worked as a Demonstrator from 2012 to 2017. He completed his Masters degree in Human Language Technology and Interfaces (HLTI) from the Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science at The University of Trento, Italy. Dr Rahman received his B.Sc. (Honors) degree from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh. For his academic excellence, he was awarded two gold medals, one from the Prime Minister of Bangladesh and another from the President of Bangladesh. He is a life member of the Bangladesh Electronics Society. Dr Rahman has authored two books and a number of journal articles and conference papers.

Research areas

Dr Rahman's fields of research interest are Machine Learning, Data Science, and Affective Computing.

Currently working on the following projects-

External activity

Collaboration with Fujitsu.


Text Books

  • M. Lutfar Rahman, M. Shamim Kaiser, M. Arifur Rahman, and Md. Alamgir Hossain Computer Fundamentals and ICT. , DIU Press, May 2017.
  • M. Shamim Kaiser, M. Arifur Rahman, Abu M Jafor Alam, A. K. M. Fazlul Haque Fundamentals of Communication. Systech Publication Ltd, February 2007.

Selected Journal Publications

Selected Book Chapters

Selected Conference Publications

Notable Presentations and Talks

  • Muhammad Arifur Rahman, Sura Zaki Alrashid, Paul R. Heath and Neil D. Lawrence, “Clustering Gene Expression Time Series with Coregionalization”, Workshops on Machine Learning in Computational Biology, Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS), Montreal, December 2015.
  • Sura Zaki Alrashid, Muhammad Arifur Rahman, Nabil Al-Aaraji, Paul R. Heath and Neil D. Lawrence, “Clustering Gene Expression Time Series of Mouse Model for Speed Progression of ALS”, Mathematical and Statistical Aspects of Molecular Biology, University of Helsinki, Finland, April 2015.
  • Muhammad Arifur Rahman, Neil D. Lawrence, “A Probabilistic Dynamic Model for Transcription Factor Activity of C. Elegans”, Machine Learning Summer School and AISTATS joint poster session, Reykjavik, Iceland 2014.

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