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Noel Kinrade

Noel Kinrade

Senior Lecturer

School of Science & Technology

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Dr Noel Kinrade is a Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology and teaches across the undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes. He is Module Leader for the Level 6 module Performance, Skill and Expertise, as well as contributing to other modules across the curriculum. He is also the Course Leader for the BSc Coaching and Sport Science degree.

In addition, Dr Kinrade actively researches a range of issues related to skill failure under pressure (e.g. choking, falls in elderly/clinical populations) and factors influencing decision making (e.g. individual differences, bias, training).

Career overview

Dr Kinrade joined Nottingham Trent University in January 2019. After graduating from Sheffield Hallam University in 2003, he continued his academic career at Brunel University London and completed his PhD in 2010 which examined the role of dispositional reinvestment on choking during decision-making in sport. Dr Kinrade’s previous position was as a Lecturer in Sport Psychology, Coaching and Research Methods and the Pathway Lead for BSc Sports Health and Exercise Sciences (Coaching) at Brunel University London (2006-2018).

Research areas

Dr Kinrade’s research focuses on:

  • Attentional processes underlying skill failure
  • Factors influencing decision-making
  • Skill Acquisition

More specifically, it aims to examine dispositional influences on performance and also to explore the underlying mechanisms of skill failure and susceptibility to biased decision-making in a variety of domains. This includes research around choking under pressure, falls in the elderly or clinical populations, referee and umpire’s decision making and the application of virtual reality in skill acquisition. This research uses a variety of measures such as eye-tracking, video simulations, questionnaires, performance analysis and behavioural responses (e.g. motion capture or decision accuracy).

External activity

Dr Kinrade is a member of the Expertise and Skill Acquisition Network and a reviewer for a number of high-quality peer reviewed journals including Psychology of Sport and Exercise, Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, Psychological Research, Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology, International Journal of Sports Science & Coaching, Journal of Motor Behaviour, International Journal of Sport Psychology and Journal of Sports Sciences.

Sponsors and collaborators

Research is currently being conducted with the funding and/or support of:

  • Badminton World Federation
  • Motorsport UK


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