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Nuno Amalio

Senior Lecturer

Computer Science

Staff Group(s)
Computer Science


Dr. Nuno Amálio is a senior lecturer in Computer Science at Nottingham Trent University. Nuno specialises in software engineering, more specifically in the areas of software modeling, design and formal methods. His research interests lie in the fields of model-driven development, visual languages, formal methods, formal verification, formal semantics, requirements engineering, empirical software engineering and cyber-security. Further information about Nuno's carer, research and publications can be found here.


Most Recent Publications

  • Nuno Amálio, Lionel Briand and Pierre Kelsen. An Experimental Scrutiny of Visual Design Modelling: VCL up against UML+OCL. Empirical Software Engineering (IF: 5.42), 25, 1205 –1258 (2020). 2020.
  • Nuno Amálio. Sound and Relaxed Behavioural Inheritance. From Astrophysics to Unconventional Computation: Essays Presented to Susan Stepney on the Occasion of her 60th Birthday. Emergence, Complexity and Computation (35): 255-298. Springer. 2019.
  • Nuno Amálio, Richard Payne, Ana Cavalcanti and Jim Woodcock. Checking SysML Models for Co-Simulation. ICFEM 2016 (ranking B). 2016. LNCS 10009.
  • Nuno Amálio,Juan de Lara, Esther Guerra. Fragmenta: A theory of fragmentation for MDE. MODELS 2015 (ranking A): 106 – 115. 2015.