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Peter Fitzgerald

Peter Fitzgerald

PL - Student and Academic Experience Manager

Computer Science

Staff Group(s)
Computer Science


Dr FitzGerald is the Module Leader for BSc Information and Database Engineering and MSc Advanced Software Engineering. He also teaches subjects on other BSc and MSc modules, including Object-Oriented Analysis and Design.

Research areas

Areas of research interest include modelling and simulation of dynamical systems; and mathematical software.

  • Modelling and Simulation of Dynamical Systems: Investigations into classical and quantum dynamics of point particles, strings and higher dimensional geometric objects. Problems occur in these highly non-linear dynamical systems that require the analytical solution of partial differential equations. Currently researching Lie group-invariant methods and Lax Pairs. Interest in computer algebraic approaches for these methods. Investigation of problems in supersymmetric Fock spaces. Broad research interest in applications of these techniques.
  • Mathematical Software: Use of XML, MathML and object-oriented data structures in mathematical and scientific software, particularly modelling of dynamical systems.

Opportunities to carry out postgraduate research towards an MPhil / PhD exist in all the areas identified above. Further information may be obtained from the NTU Graduate School.

Sponsors and collaborators

Research funding in the period since 2006 includes:

  • SIS (Stimulating Innovation for Success), C Langenseipen and P FitzGerald, Clinphone Group Ltd and NTU (2006 to 2008), £10,000.


The ozone source–receptor model – A tool for UK ozone policy. Hayman GD, Abbott J, Davies TJ, Thomson CL, Jenkin ME, Thetford R, Fitzgerald P, Atmospheric Environment, 2010, 44 (34), 4283-4297

The superfield quantisation of a superparticle action with an extended line element. FitzGerald PL, International Journal of Modern Physics, 2005, 20 (12), 2639-2655

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