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Tim Hetherington

Principal Lecturer

School of Science & Technology

Staff Group(s)
Physics and Mathematics


Dr Hetherington is the Mathematics Courses Manager, overseeing the running of:

  • MMath Mathematics;
  • BSc Mathematics;
  • BSc Mathematics with Statistics;
  • BSc Financial Mathematics;
  • BSc Data Science;
  • BSc Computer Science and Mathematics;
  • BSc Sport Science and Mathematics;
  • BSc Physics and Mathematics.

Dr Hetherington teaches Linear Algebra and its Applications (level 5), Graph Theory and Combinatorics (level 6), and Cryptography and Quantum Computation (level 7). He also supervises final year BSc projects on cryptography, combinatorics and graph theory, and MMath and MRes projects on graph theory.

Dr Hetherington is the University Coordinator for the British Combinatorial Committee. He is also a member of both the Course Development and Review Subcommittee and the Notification of Extenuating Circumstances Panel. Dr Hetherington acts as chair for Request for Reconsideration panels and School Academic Irregularity panels within the School of Science and Technology.

Career overview

Before joining NTU, Dr Hetherington worked:

  • at the University of Nottingham in the Financial & Business Services Department (6 months);
  • in secondary schools teaching Mathematics to 11-18 year olds (1 year);
  • at BAE SYSTEMS in Research & Development, New Business Operational Analysis, Eurofighter Aerodynamic Loads, and Nimrod Fuel Gauging (2 years).

Research areas

Dr Hetherington's research interests are in graph theory, particularly colourings and list-colourings.

Opportunities to carry out postgraduate research towards an MRes or MPhil/PhD exist and further information may be obtained from the NTU Graduate School.

External activity

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Associate Fellow of the Institute of Combinatorics and its Applications.

Referee for the journals: Discrete Mathematics; Discrete Applied Mathematics; Applied Mathematics Letters; Australasian Journal of Combinatorics; Combinatorial Optimization; and Mathematical Reviews.

Book reviewer for Pearson Education.

Sponsors and collaborators

University collaborations include: The University of Nottingham, The University of East Anglia, and The University of Durham.

Research funding has included: Mapping University – Mathematics Assessment Practices (MUMAP project) (2012).


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