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Xiaoqi Ma

Xiaoqi Ma

Senior Lecturer

Computer Science

Staff Group(s)
Computer Science


Dr Ma is the Module Leader for:

  • Cyber Security (ISYS20301)
  • Cyber Security (COMP40451)

He is also Lecturer for Forensic Databases and Biometrics (PHYS40001) and Foundations of Computing and Technology (COMP10082) as well as Module Tutor for Practical Project Management and Professional Development (ISYS20182).

Research areas

Dr Ma is a member of the Cyber Security Research Group (CSRG).

Areas of research include network and database securities; and operating and distributed systems.

  • Attack detection for IoT devices using machine learning: Develop machine learning techniques for detecting anomaly traffic in Internet of Things (IoT) devices, especially in Smart Homes; investigate new ways of applying machine learning to anomaly traffic detection, which combines both supervised leaning and non-supervised learning together.
  • Network security and protocol verification: Protecting networks and network-accessible resources from unauthorised access, and consistent and continuous monitoring and measurement of their effectiveness. Detecting and fixing inherent flaws of existing security protocols.
  • Database security, especially deductive access control: Dealing with database inference problems where sensitive information can be inferred from non-sensitive data and metadata.
  • Operating and distributed systems: Developing general purpose multi-task (and possibly multi-user) operating systems for both real-time and non-real-time applications / processes.

Opportunities to carry out postgraduate research towards an MPhil / PhD exist in the areas identified above.  Further information may be obtained from the NTU Graduate School.


Selected publications

  • Modelling and simulation of a biometric identity-based cryptography. Aljeaid D, Ma X and Langensiepen C, International Journal of Advanced Research in Artificial Intelligence, 2014, 3 (10), 35-44
  • Analysing the EAP-TLS handshake and the 4-way handshake of the 802.11i standard. Alabdulatif A and Ma X, International Journal for Information Security Research (IJISR), 2013 3, (3/4), 439-448
  • Database deductive access control. MA X, Journal of Computers, 2011, 6 (5), 1024-1031
  • Verifying security protocols by knowledge analysis. Ma X and Cheng X, International Journal of Security and Networks, 2008, 3 (3), 183-192

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