Zohreh Zakeri | Nottingham Trent University
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Zohreh Zakeri

Zohreh Zakeri

Senior Lecturer

School of Science and Technology

Staff Group(s)


Dr Zakeri's roles include teaching and research in the Engineering Department.

Career overview

Zohreh received MEng degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering and a Ph.D. degree in Biomedical Signal Processing from the School of Electronic, Electrical & Systems Engineering, University of Birmingham. She worked as a Research Assistant in the Department of Engineering, School of Science and Technology, Nottingham Trent University from February 2018 to August 2021. In September 2021, she started her career as a Lecturer in the Department of Engineering, NTU.

Research areas

Her research interest include Electroencephalography (EEG) Signal Processing, Artefact Removal, Blind Source Separation (BSS) techniques, Independent Component Analysis (ICA), Event-Related Potential (ERP), and Biomedical Signal Processing. She has experience in designing the experiment to collect data from  human subjects, and combining EEG, functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS), and eye tracker modalities to track human performance.