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Christina Howard

Associate Professor

School of Social Sciences

Staff Group(s)


Christina is an Associate Professor in Psychology. She teaches on our undergraduate Psychology courses, Masters Psychology courses as well as supervising PhD students.

Research areas

Christina's research interests are:

  • psychology
  • visual attention capacity
  • attention to dynamic objects
  • scene perception
  • visual search
  • vision for action.

She uses experimental and quantitative research methods in project supervision and is open to any research ideas, though she has a particular interest in perception and cognition. Christina is particularly keen to supervise projects on visual attention, visual memory and perceptual skills. Projects could include how people track moving objects, how people monitor changing scenes, how we search our environments and how we learn to be better aware of the visual world.

Research Projects:

  • Neuropsychological basis of object representation updating
  • Temporal updating in multiple object tracking
  • Attention allocation to dynamic scenes.

Sponsors and collaborators

  • University of Birmingham Cognitive Neuropsychology Group
  • Sydney University Perception and Action Laboratory
  • University of Bristol Perception Group

Press expertise

  • Human visual attention
  • Neurological basis of attention
  • Differences between people in sustained attention
  • High performance cognition