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Christopher Atkin

Christopher Atkin


School of Social Sciences

Staff Group(s)


Christopher Atkin works as an hourly paid lecturer and PhD student in the Department of Psychology at Nottingham Trent University. His PhD aims to understand the capacity limitations in visual imagery versus visual memory.

He teaches Research Methods to Year One and Year Two undergraduates. Christopher is a member of NTU’s Psychology department’s application for Athena SWAN accreditation.

Career overview

Christopher completed his undergraduate degree in Psychology with Sociology at Nottingham Trent University, attaining a First Class degree, The Vice-Chancellor’s Award for the School of Social Sciences, TILT’s Best Research Project and an Achievement in Psychology Prize.

Prior to completing his undergraduate degree Christopher held a position as a data analyst at VF Northern Europe Ltd. Christopher began his PhD and lecturing roles at NTU in 2017.

Research areas

Thesis title: The same or different? Capacity limitations in visual imagery versus visual memory of simple structural objects.

This project will investigate capacity limitations in visual imagery and aim to understand whether capacity of visual imagery differs in comparison to know capacity of visual memory. The research will primarily comprise of quantitative experiments with a range of subjective visual imagery measures, which aim to clarify potential individual differences within the experimental findings. The capacity findings could have implications for theory, and complex technology including: virtual reality and augmented reality.

Christopher’s wider research interests include, understanding how cognitive modalities such as inner speech and overt verbalisation assist with performance on tasks involving specific executive functions.

PhD Supervisory team

  • Dr. Duncan Guest
  • Dr. Christina Howard
  • Prof. Thom Baguley

Research Groups

  • Multisensory Attention
  • Cognition and Perception

External activity

  • Harriet Allan (University of Nottingham)
  • Helen Henshaw (University of Nottingham)


Atkin, C., Guest, D., Howard, C., Baguley, T., & Baker, J (2019). The Same or Different? Capacity Limitations in Visual Imagery versus Visual Perception of Simple Structured Objects. The Cognitive Psychology Bulletin, 4, 12-13.

Binder, J.F., Cebula, K., Metwally, S., Vernon, M., Atkin, C., & Mitra, S (in press). Conversational engagement and mobile technology use. Computers in Human Behavior, 99, 66-75.

Badham, S.P., Atkin, C., & Castro, A (in press). Homogeneity of Memory Errors in Abstract Visual Pattern Recall. Europe’s Journal of Psychology.

Atkin, C (2018) The phenomenological influence of inner speech on executive functions. The Journal of Undergraduate Research at NTU, 1(1), 223–251.