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David Dahill

Research Fellow

Nottingham Business School

Staff Group(s)
Politics and International Relations


David Dahill is currently employed at NTU as a Research Associate for the Centre of People, Work and Organisational Practice, and as an Hourly Paid Lecturer within the department of Sociology where he is currently completing his PhD.

Career overview

David's background prior to academia was within policy research, plus 8 years within the aerospace industry and digital services.

Research areas

David has worked as a researcher on a number of projects across the University; this has included ‘Mapping Responses To Precarious Work Within The East Midlands’, ‘Access To Legal Advice And Support Services For People With Insecure Immigration Status’, ‘Gendering Asylum’, ‘Decent and Good Work in the Platform Economy: Private Hire and Taxi Work in Nottingham’, ‘The Free University Nottingham’ and most recently as part of an international interdisciplinary team conducting a rapid evidence assessment of psychological wellbeing and occupational health and safety in a global context. His doctoral research explores the existential and social dimensions of precarious work, including an ethnographic study of temporary agency work in the UK. In addition to his research, David has also acted as co-tutor on the ‘thinking sociologically’ and ‘sociology of work and career’ modules of the BA Sociology programme.