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Picture of David Daley

David Daley

Head of Applied Psychological Practice


Staff Group(s)


Head of Applied Psychological Practice

Career overview

1993 B.A Applied Psychology with Sociology University College Cork, Ireland

2000 PhD Paediatric Psychopathology, University of Southampton, UK

2001 Chartered Health Psychologist with the British Psychological Society

Research areas

Research interests are focused on non-shared environmental influences on child development. In particular, he has devoted much of his career to the study of factors that enhance and interfere with the effective and enjoyable parenting of children with ADHD and Autism. He is also internationally recognised as an expert in environmental modification for ADHD.

Sponsors and collaborators

Anne Mette Lange Aarhus University Hospital Denmark

Professor Gail Tripp and Dr Shizuk Shimabukuro Okinawa Institute of Science

and Technology Graduate University, Okinawa Japan

Professor Edmund Sonuga-Barke and Professor Emily Simonoff, Kings College


Professor Cathy Hill and Professor Sam Cortese, University of Southampton

Cathy Laver-bradbury Solent NHS Trust

Dr Jinsong Zhang, Dr Lan Shuai and Dr Shanshan Wang Xinhua Hospital



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