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Eva Zemandl

Eva Zemandl

Senior Lecturer

School of Social Sciences

Staff Group(s)
Social and Political Sciences


Eva is a senior lecturer in public policy and course leader for MSc Public Policy / MSc Politics & Public Policy. Her research and teaching focus includes local stakeholder engagement, participatory governance, the policy process and policy learning. Previously, she researched public administration and policy in Central/Eastern Europe, including social policy and the role of political appointments in policymaking. She draws extensively on her practical experience in organizing events involving stakeholders across the public, private and third sectors. She also leads on undergraduate and postgraduate programs in work-based learning and community engaged learning (through placements), including policy labs and work-based dissertations.

External activity

Eva is the lead coordinator for the Multi-Actor Research and Knowledge Exchange Teams (MARKETs) project, which is a collaboration between NTU, Nottingham City Council and other local stakeholders. The collaboration aims to develop a quadruple helix model and practice of community-based problem-solving which involves (local) government, business, academia and civil society.

Her past professional engagements include working with local stakeholders to promote international business and trade, grant writing and community project management and European Union-funded projects.

Sponsors and collaborators

Project lead (present), Multi-Actor Research and Knowledge Exchange Teams (MARKETs) – a collaboration with Nottingham City Council and other local stakeholders.

Contributing researcher (present), Erasmus+ project, BELONG - Better Education through Long-term Investment into Inclusiveness and Student & Staff Wellbeing (BELONG).

Contributing researcher (2017-18), Horizon 2020 funded ETHOS/Towards the European Theory of Justice and Fairness - responsible for conducting national case studies on political representation/participation and minority recognition.


Crisis of Capitalism and (De-)Politicisation of Monetary Policymaking: Reflections from Hungary and Turkey, Dr. Pınar E. Dönmez & Dr. Eva Zemandl, New Political Economy (January 2018),

The Roma experience of political (in)justice: The case of school (de)segregation in Hungary, Dr. Eva Zemandl, ETHOS consortium (July 2018),

Book review: From triumph to crisis: Neoliberal economic reform in postcommunist countries, Dr. Eva Zemandl, Public Administration (November 2018),

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