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Ian Mahoney

Senior Lecturer

School of Social Sciences


Ian Mahoney is a lecturer/senior lecturer in Criminology in the School of Social Sciences.
In addition to his teaching roles Ian is First Year Criminology Tutor and module leader for the third year CRIM30295 Cultural Criminology module and Master's level CRIM40200 Approaches to Criminological Theory and Research Methods and supervisor for third year and master's level dissertations.

Other modules taught on:

CRIM10060: Understanding Crime and Society

CRIM10011: Intrdoduction to the Criminal Justice System

CRIM20325: Crime Reduction

Career overview

Ian holds a PhD in Criminology which was awarded in 2015 by Keele University.  His doctoral thesis, entitled 'Graftin' up 'Anley Duck: narrating the influence of unemployment upon identity and crime in Stoke-on-Trent'.  Ian joined NTU in September 2018 having spent three years employed as a lecturer in Criminology Liverpool Hope University.

Research areas

Ian retains a strong interest in masculinity and experiences of exclusion and marginalisation and continues to focus on developing these themes.  He has recently published work examining the role of homeless hostels in disciplining and regulating marginalized individuals and is currently looking to develop links in the wider East Midlands area to further explore some of the themes addressed in this work.

Opportunities arise to carry out postgraduate research towards an MPhil/PhD in the areas identified above. Further information may be obtained on the NTU Research Degrees website

External activity

Ian has recently conducted an evaluation of the Homes for £1 scheme operating in Liverpool on behalf of Liverpool City Council with the intention of helping to shape future local government led community regeneration strategies.


In development:

Collins V and Mahoney I (in development): The Capitalist Voyeur: Commodification, Consumption and the Spectacle of the Cruise

Mahoney I (in development): Do owner occupier led regeneration schemes provide an effective template for urban renewal?: A review of Liverpool's Homes for £1 scheme


Mahoney I (2019) Considering the role of homeless hostels as sites of discipline and regulation. International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy [Earlycite]

Mahoney I and Kearon T (2018) Social Quality and Brexit in Stoke-on-Trent, England. International Journal of Social Quality 8(1) pp.1-20

Mahoney I and Kearon T (2018) (De)Constructing Ethical Narratives in Criminological Research. Research Ethics 14(2) pp.1-5

Mahoney I and Kearon T (2017) Formulating the post-industrial self: the role of petty crime among unemployed, working-class men in Stoke-on-Trent, in Walker C and Roberts S (Eds.) Masculinity, Labour and Neoliberalism: Working-class men in International Perspective, Palgrave: London.  pp.77-99


Mahoney I and Kearon T (2017) Selling Homes for £1 Gives Local Authorities the Power to Revive Deprived Communities. The Conversation [Online] available at

Mahoney I (2016) Censoring the Terrors of War, Open Democracy [Online] available at

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