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Jamie Whitehouse

Research Fellow

School of Social Sciences

Staff Group(s)


Jamie Whitehouse is a Research Fellow within the Department of Psychology, working under PI Prof. Bridget Waller on the European Research Council (ERC) funded project: FACEDIFF. In the past, Jamie's work has focused primarily on social behaviour and communication in non-human primates and in his current role, he aims to uncover the evolutionary origins of individual differences in facial expression through comparative research on macaque monkeys.

Jamie is a member of the Evolution and Social Interaction Research Group.

Research areas

I am happy to support research and postgraduate students on the following topics:

  • Animal social behaviour
  • Human and non-human facial expressions
  • Social cognition
  • Stress and stress-associated behaviour
  • Social networks


Kavanagh, E., Whitehouse, J. & Waller, B.M. (pre-print).  The face in everyday social interaction: social outcomes and personality correlates of facial behaviour. PsyArXiv.

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