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Mark Sergeant

Mark Sergeant

Senior Lecturer

School of Social Sciences

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Mark Sergeant is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology and Course Leader for the Combined Honours Psychology programmes at Nottingham Trent University. Mark's current teaching duties relate to the study of human sexual behaviour, psychological research methods and statistics, introductory psychology and online research methodologies. Mark has supervised numerous undergraduate and postgraduate research projects, primarily related to areas of his research interest, and is involved in the supervision of PhD students.

Research areas

Mark's primary research interests are:

  • The psychology of sexual behaviour (especially the psychobiology of homosexuality, interpersonal attraction, and the study of sexual aggression)
  • The psychology of human olfactory function (sense of smell)
  • The psychology of interpersonal aggression
  • Online research techniques in Psychology

Mark's research supervision includes projects related to the study of human sexual behaviour. The main focus of this work is quantitative and internet-mediated methodologies, although Mark has supervised qualitative research projects.

External activity

  • Assistant editor of The Psychologist magazine produced by the British Psychological Society
  • Consultancy work undertaken for Proctor and Gamble plc on the effects of hair colouring on confidence and psychological well-being (with Dr Andrew Dunn, Dr Rachel Horsley and Dr James Houston of Nottingham Trent University).
  • Consultancy work undertaken for Unilever plc to examine gender differences in the production and perception of body odour (with Dr Tom Dickins from the University of East London).
  • Completion of a British Science Association Media Fellowship involving placements with the Daily Mirror and the Science Media Centre.

Sponsors and collaborators

  • Professor Charles Wysocki (The Monell Chemical Senses Center, Philadelphia, USA). Funding provided by the European Chemireception Research Organisation (ECRO).

Press expertise

  • Sex and sexuality
  • The biology of homosexuality
  • Olfaction (The sense of smell)