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Mathew Nyashanu

Mathew Nyashanu

Senior Lecturer

School of Social Sciences

Staff Group(s)
Social Work and Health


As a senior lecturer Mathew contributes on a number of modules both for undergraduate and postgraduate. Some of the modules that he contributes to include Global Health and Development, Health Promotion, Research and Professional Practice among others. Mathew also engages in research on different health issues. He supervises students on their dissertations for both undergraduate and postgraduate health and social care courses. Mathew also collaborates with community groups working in health and development and is involved in the organisation of the annual research conference for undergraduate first year students and local secondary schools students.

Career overview

Mathew has worked as a teacher, health promotion manager and lecturer. His experience in teaching goes back to Africa where he worked with both rural and urban communities. Later on Mathew moved into health and development including health promotion to prevent the transmission of sexual health diseases among communities on a mother and child sexual health initiative dedicated to single mothers.

In the UK, Mathew was involved in the sexual health needs assessment of the black sub-Sahara African (BSSA) communities in Birmingham leading to the establishment of Ubuntu scheme an NHS driven sexual health initiative dedicated to the BSSA communities. At its inception, Mathew was appointed to the position of a Manager, where he managed the project for more than five years. Part of his remit included carrying out operational research to improve the sexual health and wellbeing of the BSSA communities in Birmingham. Mathew was also involved in delivering sexual health training to different professionals, which included nurses, doctors and social workers among others covering the cultural and behavioural aspects of communities. He was also involved in teaching at different universities as a public health specialist visiting lecturer. In 2014 Mathew began his role as a full-time University teaching specialising in public health and wellbeing. Following a short time working at The University of Wolverhampton, he moved to NTU in January 2017.

Research areas

Mathew has written and presented the following papers at conferences:

Exploring the challenges and strategies in engaging the black Sub-Sahara African (BSSA) communities and their gatekeepers during HIV prevention programmes in the English West Midlands region. (Accepted for publication)
National HIV conference London, hosted by Terrence Higgins Trust, February 2015

Lived experiences of Black Sub Sahara African communities in accessing sexual health and mental health services in the English West Midlands region
University of Ulster conferences: Northern Ireland, 7 November 2015

Attitudes and perceptions of FGM practising communities towards ending FGM in UK: An opportunity to harness community support
West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner FGM conference: 14 June 2016

Exploring Students Experiences with Provision of Mental Health Services in institutions of Higher Education in the eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe
International Teachers conference: Mutare, Zimbabwe, June 2016

Beliefs and perceptions in the construction of HIV stigma and sexual health seeking behaviour among black sub-Sahara African communities (BSSA) in the English city of Birmingham. (PhD research)
The Centenary Conference Fort Hare University: Cape Town, South Africa, 1-6 July 2016

The social construction of HIV stigma and sexual health seeking behaviour among black sub-Sahara African communities (BSSA) in the English city of Birmingham. (PhD research published)
The 21st AIDS International conference Poster presentation and Publication: Durban, South Africa,  18-21 July:

The impact of HIV stigma in accessing Sexual Health Services among black sub-Sahara African woman and gay men: A Systematic Literature Review

External activity

Mathew currently volunteers with charitable organisations (Celestincelest) researching and devising strategies to prevent FGM among practising communities in Birmingham.

He also works with community organisations and faiths groups to prevent HIV infections and stigma among black sub-Sahara African communities in Birmingham.

Sponsors and collaborators

  • West Midlands Police Office of the Crimes Commissioner
  • Public Health England Coventry.