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Rose Gann

Rose Gann

Head of School Projects

School of Social Sciences

Staff Group(s)
Social and Political Sciences Nottingham Civic Exchange


In her role as the Head of Department of Social and Political Sciences (2012 - to date) Dr Rose Gann is responsible for ensuring the academic leadership and management of the staff and students in the Department. She is responsible for overseeing the Course Teams to ensure the effective course design and curriculum development as well as ensuring the delivery of NTU’s strategic objectives with respect to teaching, learning and the student experience.

She is interested in developing innovations in teaching as well as supporting the development of staff in the Department and building the Department’s research capacity. Along with encouraging a lively staff/student community through student led clubs and interest groups as well as through Departmental seminars and conferences.

She currently teaches and leads a final year module on Feminist theory and undertakes undergraduate and postgraduate dissertation supervision. She has a wide range of teaching experience in the areas of Political Ideologies, Political Theory (modern, post-modern and the work of Michel Foucault), Feminist theory and race and identity.

She is keen to maintain her personal research activity as well as being involved with the wider academic community nationally in my role as an elected trustee and lead for teaching and learning for my professional body, the Political Studies Association of the UK (2014 - to date).

She welcomes PhD student enquiries in areas of her research interest - in particular innovations in (politics) pedagogy and Feminist theory.

Career overview

In her previous roles at Nottingham Trent University, Dr Rose Gann has been the Head of Division for Politics and Sociology (2004-2012). In addition to this, she was also the School of Social Sciences’ lead for Internationalisation (2011- 2016). During which, she developed an interest in researching the various ways in which academic teams internationalise their curricula. This led to her participation as a co-investigator on a collaborative research project on disciplinary perspectives towards Internationalising the curriculum.

[Gann, R. (Co-Investigator), Newstead, C. (Principal Investigator), Kirk, S. (Co-Investigator) and Rounsaville, C. (Co-investigator) ‘Internationalising the HE curriculum: A review from different disciplinary perspectives’ Higher Education Academy Strategic Enhancement Programme £10,000 + NTU contribution £3160, February – June 2015.]

Dr Rose Gann is passionately committed to the promotion of the study of Politics – both in Schools and Universities. From 2005 - 2008 she was the principal investigator for a project on the ways in which young people come to learn about the study of politics at HE level. ‘Developing pre-entry guidance for the study of Politics and International Relations at University (PREPOL)’ funded by the fund for Teaching and Learning and the Department for Education (£249,895). A collaborative project with three other Universities and led to the production of several study guides and DVDs (Politics and You 2008) as well as an ‘Innovations in teaching and learning in Politics’ Showcase event at the Palace of Westminster (2008).

Prior to this, she has been the principal investigator for several small projects funded by the HEA academy exploring teaching and learning issues in Politics.

Before joining Nottingham Trent University, Dr Rose Gann held academic posts as a Principal Lecturer in Politics and Senior Lecturer in Politics at the University of Central Lancashire. As well as a lecturer position in Politics at Swansea University - where she also undertook her PhD research in Political Theory.

Research areas

Dr Gann's area of teaching expertise includes:

  • feminist theory
  • political ideas and ideologies
  • modern and post-modern political theory
  • theories of race, the racial state and nation-state building.

Her research interests include:

  • Pedagogy: (especially: internationalising the curriculum and A level curriculum reform)
  • Innovation in teaching and learning in Politics
  • Feminist theory (especially feminist theories of the state)
  • Identity Politics and race.

She is currently developing her research profile in the areas of pedagogy (internationalising the curriculum) and political theory (feminist theory, identity politics and race). Research outputs include:

Newstead, C, Gann, R, Kirk, S & Rounsaville, C (2016) ‘Disciplinary perspectives on Internationalising the curriculum’ Higher Education Academy Report. []

Gann, R. (2016) ‘Introduction: internationalising the curriculum – reflection on process, design and delivery’ European Political Science 15 (1): 1-6; advance online publication, September 25, 2015; doi:10.1057/eps.2015.38.

Gann, R. (2016) ‘How to internationalist the social sciences curricula: a peer-reviewed checklist approach’ European Political Science 15 (1): 7-22; advance online publication, September 25, 2015; doi:10.1057/eps.2015.39.

Kirk, S. Newstead, C. Gann, R. & Rounsaville, C. ‘The power-ownership conundrum in effective internationalisation of the higher education curriculum’ Higher Education Springer TBC.

External activity

Dr Rose Gann has been an elected trustee for my professional body - the Political Studies Association (PSA) of the UK since June 2014, she is currently in her second term of office as the lead for teaching and learning. Her role involves representing the PSA and overseeing the work of the PSA’s Development Officer to deliver a range of activities and events in the area of teaching and learning relating to politics. This includes co-hosting, with the Parliamentary Education Service, one-day workshops for politics teachers; overseeing outreach events to schools; CPD events for Politics teachers; promoting teaching and learning events for early career as well as more established academics. It also involves engagement with and responding to government initiatives in the area of HE teaching and the secondary sector (such as TEF and A-level reform).

She has also undertaken consultancy work in the area of curriculum development. She is also a member of the External Subject Advisory Group (ESAG) Politics, for Edexcel Pearson UK and has worked closely with OfQual and Exam Awarding bodies in the reform of the A-level Politics (2012-2017).

She has been an invited external reviewer for teaching and learning reviews of Politics at several Universities.

Sponsors and collaborators

Dr Rose Gann has been awarded projects sponsored by the Higher Education Academy and the Department for Education.


Newstead, C, Gann, R, Kirk, S & Rounsaville, C (2016) ‘Disciplinary perspectives on Internationalising the curriculum’ Higher Education Academy Report.

This can be accessed on the Higher Education Academy website.

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Press expertise

Dr Rose Gann is interested in talking to the Media about issues related to her areas of research and teaching interest. These areas of expertise include;

  • Women and politics.
  • Feminist theory.
  • Political ideas and ideologies.
  • Theories of race and identity politics.
  • Teaching and learning in politics
  • Government Reforms in HE and the secondary school sector (e.g. TEF, A-level reform).