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Vivienne Du

Vivienne Du

Associate Professor

School of Social Sciences

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Dr Vivienne Wenchong Du (DU Wen-Chong) is an Associate Professor of Psychology. She teaches in several modules in Developmental/Child Psychology and Lifespan Psychology.

Career overview

Vivienne obtained her BSc. in Applied Psychology from Beijing Normal University and an MPhil in Educational Research (Neuroscience in Education) from the University of Cambridge (funded by Cambridge Overseas Trust). After several years working in consultancy, she then completed a PhD in Psychology at the University of Strathclyde (funded by Scottish Overseas Research Students Award Scheme, SORSAS).

Research areas

Dr. Vivienne Du's research interests are primarily in child development, child health, and child impairment. Vivienne's specific interest is environmental impacts on child development and child health, and sustainable health behaviours.

Vivienne has been very active in pursuing research in the field of child impairment and child health where she has been working on cutting-edge research and innovation projects with a total value of over £1.5 million. Vivienne is the PI of several research projects involving large-scale nationwide population samples, with which she has been using advanced research methods to explore the mechanisms underlying motor impairments and Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD). Vivienne also uses record linkage of large, routinely collected clinical data to study maternal and child outcomes associated with urban environmental exposures (including both built and natural environments), and family sociodemographic diversities.

Vivienne is keen to apply her research to practice. Vivienne played critical roles in several community-based intervention programmes and she is the holder of several patents and software copyright registrations on the assessment and intervention of children with motor impairments.

Vivienne is interested in supervising PhD students in the following research fields: maternal health and child development; urban environmental exposure and health; neurodevelopmental disorders and intervention.

External activity

Vivienne collaborates with national and international leading academics in child impairments and child health, and she is the China representative at the International Society for Research in DCD (ISR-DCD).


(*corresponding author)

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