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Headshot image of Dr Yuri Kawaguchi

Yuri Kawaguchi


Yuri Kawaguchi is a Newton International Fellow (British Academy), working with Prof. Bridget Waller. Her current project is ‘Evolutionary Function of Infantile Features in Faces: How does " babyness" differ within and between species'.

Career overview

I got PhD from Kyoto University (Japan). My project was about recognition of infant faces in great apes. From 2021 to 2023, I worked with Overseas Research Fellowships by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science in University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna (Austria), and studied dogs’ recognition.

Research areas

I am interested in the evolutionary function of infant faces. Infant face (or known as baby schema) plays an important role in mother-infant relationship or other social interactions in humans. However, whether this has an evolutionary origin has not been tested before. I am studying the function of infantile facial features across primates to understand the selection pressures that lead to its evolution.

Sponsors and collaborators

British academy


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