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Joshua Georgiou - Level 6 Digital and Technology Solutions Professional Degree Apprenticeship

Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship?

"The reason I choose to do an apprenticeship was because I was trying to gain some experience while also getting my degree. I believe this was a better option for me, especially in the tech field."

What stands out about NTU?

"One thing that stands out about NTU is that everyone seems to care about our learning and making sure that we get the information we need whilst we are there."

How do you believe this apprenticeship will affect both your current job role and future career?

"I believe that everything I learn whilst working will be beneficial to my current job role as I can use further skills within my job and become even better at it. For my future career I think it will benefit me the most as when I finish I will have 4 years of work experience in the field that I want to be working in."

How have you balanced studying alongside your professional role? Have you felt supported by your employer?

"Sometimes it can be hard to balance studying as well as working as it can take time to produce high quality assignments. I have one day a week for my 'university day' which is dedicated to university work, so I have time to complete my coursework. Some extra time throughout the week after work is generally needed at times as well."

What advice would you give to someone considering a higher/ degree apprenticeship?

"Make sure you understand the requirements both in the education and work place as it can be fairly difficult to adapt to working a nearly a full-time job and doing education at the same time, but I feel the benefits of doing both are invaluable."

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