Ballistics laboratory

With ballistics experts in great demand, get ahead in your forensics career by gaining experience of ammunition and firearms in our Ballistics Laboratory.

When you choose one of our undergraduate or postgraduate forensics courses, developing practical skills will be a key part of your learning experience.

We can gain a lot of evidence from ballistic examination within a criminal investigation, and ballistics experts are in great demand to help solve crimes.

You'll use our ballistics laboratory to learn how to recognise different types of ammunition using a large reference collection of spent and inert firearms including:

  • shotguns
  • rifles
  • pistols
  • revolvers

Comparison microscope

We use this piece of equipment to identify the unique characteristics of spent cartridge cases and bullets recovered from crime scenes so that they can be matched to a particular firearm.

Ammunition and firearms databases

You'll have access to ammunition and firearms identification databases used by UK ballistics experts and firearms examiners.These databases contain information from previous investigations, which means they can be used to trace the owner of a weapon and to find out whether it's been used in a previous crime.

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Crime Scene Training Facility

Address: Ballistics Laboratory, Clifton Campus, Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham NG11 8NS

Ballistics laboratory

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