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Electronic and Electrical Engineering facilities

Electronic and electrical engineering is a fast-paced industry covering everything from tiny integrated circuits to large-scale utilities. Electronic and electrical engineers push the boundaries of what is possible, an ethos imbedded within the fabric of the department of engineering at NTU.

Our facilities based in the Engineering Building provide our students with access to a wide range of hardware, software and test equipment, chosen to build the skills and knowledge needed to push their careers forward and to design and develop the technologies of the future.

As part of the Department of Engineering, our Electronic and Electrical Engineering students have access to a diverse range of facilities and equipment including:

  • Electronics labs for students to study electronics right from the fundamentals through to processor design. This includes oscilloscopes, multimeters, power supplies, function generators, spectrum analysers, logic analysers, analogue and digital electronic training kits, and RF training kits.
  • Circuit prototyping facilities allow students to design and test circuits before developing them. Students can use breadboards, soldering stations, engraving and dispenser printing.
  • Design suite with circuit design and simulation software.
  • Project room is a free space for students to work on projects with test equipment.
  • Drone lab where students can customise and program drones using cameras and other components and test them in the indoor flying area.
  • Virtual reality kit with access to AR/VR headsets and the ability to connect to a racing rig, flight simulator or application of your choice.
  • 3D printers for students to assemble their own circuits.
  • Programmable robot arm for students to understand how they are used in industry and also to design their own gripper.
  • Arduino and Raspberry Pi which students widely use in conjunction with sensors and actuators and 3D printed parts.

Electronic and Electrical Engineering gallery