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Environmental Chamber

The School of Science and Technology is one of the few schools in the country to offer an environmental chamber to their Sports Science students.

Environmental Chamber inside

The Environmental chamber is located in the Erasmus Darwin building on Clifton Campus.

The chamber enables variables such as temperature, humidity and altitude to be controlled, and the internal climate can be set to mimic nearly any environment in the world. Careful monitoring of physical activity under these conditions can highlight the impact of various climates on the body.

Hypoxic simulation can also be achieved within the chamber by reducing the amount of oxygen in the air. This technique can be used to treat many respiratory and circulatory illnesses and diseases as well as to speed up injury recovery.

Olympic approval

Our Environmental Chamber is approved by the British Olympic Association and has been used to train members of Team GB for events.

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Environmental Chamber

  • Category: Learning tools and spaces; Sports and leisure; Science including labs; Teaching facilities
  • Location: Clifton Campus

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