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Agne Ceriauskaite


I read that when I come to the UK I may experience a culture shock, but I was so surprised that the culture shock I experienced was that everyone here is so kind, nice and helpful.

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“I am studying MSc Endangered Species Recovery and Conservation at Nottingham Trent University. The course teaches the principles of conserving species by learning the captive breeding and species recovery techniques and the genetics of species conservation.

“I absolutely love that all of the lecturers love their jobs and are teaching us with passion. They are all very kind and helpful. At the beginning of the course, I was struggling with the English language and every lecturer and NTU member of staff offered to help me. It is so nice to feel that you are not alone.

“I would say the most memorable moments for me were camera trapping and radio tagging, because I did it for the first time and looking at photos of foxes, badgers and deer was an amazing feeling.

“It would definitely recommend this course. It will broaden your mind, help develop yourself as an individual, and make you more independent - all qualities you will need for the future in adult life. This course requires hard work and determination, but in the end, it is worth it.

“If someone is scared to move to the UK to study, I would definitely say there is nothing to worry about because here at NTU everyone is welcomed!

“During the course I have been on two field trips, to Stallion AI Services and the Durrell Conservation Trust Academy.

“The trip to Durrell is a perfect example of how theory learned in lecturers is adapted to real life situations of species facing threats. It was also an amazing opportunity to see the background work of zoo and breeding centres and to bond with the rest of my course mates.

“I am also part of the Endangered Species Society and the Conservation Society. My first activity was moth trapping which was an amazing experience and I got the chance to face my fear of being in darkness for several hours - it is something I’ll never forget.

“The friendliness of people and amount of help I have received here has been beyond exceptional. Once the staff and my flatmates heard that this was my first time living in the UK alone I got so much help and care.

“I read that when I come to the UK I may experience a culture shock, but I was so surprised that the culture shock I experienced was that everyone here is so kind, nice and helpful.

“Once I told people that English is not my first language, the lecturers were kind and understanding. I didn’t feel homesick because the NTU family made me feel like I am at home. If future students are scared of moving to another country to study, I would definitely recommend NTU because of the friendly environment.

“To everyone who wants to fulfil their dreams of studying abroad but is scared remember one quote: “It’s OK to be scared, being scared means you are about to do something really brave.” I admit I was scared when I got on the plane to England without a return ticket, but deep in my heart, I knew that this would change my life forever and I had to give it a go. Along the journey there will be struggles, tears and happy moments, but in the end it is all worth it!”

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