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I have chosen this course because it allowed me to get experience being on a university campus and using the university resources.

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"I have chosen this course because it allowed me to get experience being on a university campus and using the university resources. Due to the course only being three days a week it allowed me to continue working and have days off to do assignments and hobbies. Doing this course will allow me to move onto the undergraduate course of my choosing.

"My course is made up of anatomy and physiology, chemistry, biology, and study skills. The study skills part of the course has allowed me to gain knowledge on how to do Harvard referencing and set out certain assignments (academic posters and lab reports etc). The thing I enjoy about the course is how well the lessons are set out and we can do practical lessons during our studies.

"Before starting this course, I did an apprenticeship in Health and Social Care at both Level 2 and Level 3. I found this course through social media and decided to apply so I could eventually go on to do my Paramedic degree.

"My course tutors have been very helpful and supportive of my future aspirations. They have given me advice on university applications and how to write a personal statement. They even went above and beyond to get paramedics to come in and talk to the group to help me when I was doing my application and interview process.

"During my studies, I have used the library many times. This has allowed me to work with the other people on my course to complete our assignments. The library has allowed me to have some quiet time to complete my work in between lectures and after finishing classes for the day.

"The most valuable thing I have learnt this year is how to write personal statements, reference my work properly and many other things. Referencing is an important skill to learn as this is something I will have to be doing when I move on to my Paramedic degree. During our physiology lectures, we have learnt about different diseases, the immune system and homeostasis which I think is very valuable for me to learn considering the course I am looking to go onto next.

"After completing this course I would like to study Paramedic Science at Nottingham Trent University and become a paramedic with the ambulance service.

"This course is amazing, and people should consider applying if they want to go into any healthcare or science-related career."

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