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Joanne Mills


United Kingdom
When applying for my role at Private White VC it was my PG Cert that separated me from other applicants.

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What made you choose to study at NTU?
“NTU has a great reputation as a university, especially regarding fashion. It is also one of the only university’s to offer a course in pattern cutting, a crucial aspect of the industry. I felt it was a friendly and approachable environment with all the necessary facilities to further develop my education.”

What did you enjoy most about studying Creative Pattern Cutting?
“There were many positive aspects to the course but the freedom to interpret each brief to suit our own goals and personalities made the course that much more enjoyable. I never felt restricted in my approach to patterns and this has certainly helped build confidence in my technical ability.”

How did you find the course staff?
“On the course I had help from a number of tutors and technicians all of which were extremely friendly and more than happy to spare their time. During one to one tutorials the tutors always showed interest and supported my projects and ideas.”

How did you find the facilities?
“With access to the MA studio, reserved machines and a 24 hour library there were always spaces available to work. The MA studio is shared with students specialising in a number of creative courses; this exposure to different fields developed my ideas in new directions and built knowledge on other aspects of the industry.”

What was the most valuable lesson you learnt whilst studying at NTU?
“The PG Cert Creative Pattern Cutting course at NTU taught me that there are various ways to approach pattern cutting dependant on your own personal preference and skill set. Being taught by a number of pattern cutters, all of which had or still have careers within the industry, was a great way to learn how people work differently using different yet successful techniques.”

How did studying our Creative Pattern Cutting course help you to secure your role as a Junior Pattern Cutter at Private White VC?
“When applying for my role at Private White VC it was my PG Cert that separated me from other applicants. It showed my dedication and focus to starting a career in pattern cutting and meant I was more knowledgeable and confident in the position as a junior pattern cutter.”

Can you tell us a little bit about your role?
“Private White VC is home to one of the only clothing factories left in the UK. Working in such a unique environment means there is no typical day. I am currently learning to grade patterns on the CAD software system, Gerber, but tasks can involve pattern cutting for bespoke orders, working upstairs on the factory floor, sitting in fittings and working on art installations promoting the brand.

“The most unique and enjoyable element of my role is the fast paced environment of working in a factory, as from a technical point of view it helps me to see the entire process from sketch to final production. With the factory floor it allows us to see each step and any problems first hand, rather than waiting for samples to be shipped in from overseas.”

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