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Kezia Anne Darmadi

Anne Darmadi

I can learn about Fashion from a global perspective, including how culture influences people’s interpretation of fashion and whether the business operates differently. Coming here, particularly at NTU, has deepened my interest and passion for fashion even further.

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Tell us a bit about yourself...

Finding a suitable University to study abroad was challenging especially for me who comes from Indonesia. After doing lots of research, I had my eye on this study path where I could study for two years in Hong Kong and continue with a one-year top-up course in the UK. So, I decided to complete 2 years of Higher Diploma in Fashion Branding and Buying at Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) before transferring to NTU for my final year.

Gratefully, this has turned out to be the best decision I've ever made. I was able to gain insight into the fashion industry from both the East (Asia) and the West (UK). I can learn about Fashion from a global perspective, including how culture influences people’s interpretation of fashion and whether the business operates differently. Coming here, particularly to NTU, has deepened my interest and passion for fashion even further.

Tell us about your course...

The best bit was that we can choose our preferred research area for the Dissertation, which makes the research project more enjoyable. I have a deep interest in ‘thrifting culture’ and ‘secondhand market’, and I believe the UK is the best market for this case study. The tutors were helpful and knowledgeable about the subject, and they always pushed me to improve.

The course also provides the opportunity to connect with industry partners. Guest lecturer and speakers from WGSN to former ASOS CEO, Nick Beighton, came to speak and share their experiences. On top of that, the ASOS employability team came to NTU for a recruitment drive, which I find very appealing.

What’s Nottingham like for students?

I am quite explorative and willing to try new things. One memorable day is when I took a pole dancing taster offered by NTU Sport. I enjoy doing different activities and Nottingham offers quite a lot which makes my university life more entertaining. Between now and then, I spend my free time playing Bowling, Laser Tag, Ice Skating, Badminton, Mini Golf, or relaxing at Wollaton Park (everything is mostly around £5!!!). Sometimes I also joined NTU Christian Union because I think it is important to have a strong support system around me in times of need.

I love travelling. As an international student, I tried to explore as many cities as I could. Nottingham is relatively centered. It takes around 2-4 hours away from big cities. I have travelled to London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Wales, Leeds, Brighton, and Scotland, and hoping to add more to the list.

How would you describe the support you get at NTU?

The International Student Support service was nothing but helpful. When I decided to defer my study due to the pandemic, they make sure I was in the right mind before going to study abroad.

As I am continuing further education, I seek advice from the NTU employability team where they guided me through my career aspiration and to pick the most suitable university for my postgraduate study. They also help me in a one-on-one session to review my personal statement and gave insightful feedback.

What are the living costs as a student here?

I lived in shared-flat private student accommodation near the city centre. I had a non-ensuite bedroom (£130/week). I shared a kitchen with 2 bathrooms between 7 students from both NTU and UoN. Around £250-£350 for food, and £150-£200 for shopping and entertainment or social life. Approximately I spent around £550 per month.

Do you work or volunteer part-time during your studies?

I volunteer as an Event Student Ambassador at NTU that helps support the University’s marketing, communication, and student recruitment activities and events such as Open Days, Campus Tours, and Virtual Events.

I also work as a Part-Time Kitchen Staff at UMAI Oriental Street Food. Apart from getting extra pocket money, working there has taught me to uphold professionalism and use my own initiative to respond quickly to issues or challenges that may arise when I am on duty.

How did you feel when you found out you’d been awarded a scholarship?

I found the information through the NTU Website. I was very happy to hear the news that I was awarded the NTU International Scholarships. The most memorable moments was walking up the stage and receiving the certificate during the Scholarship Awarding Night, where afterwards we had the chance to connect with other fellow awardees.

What advice do you have for students thinking of applying for a scholarship?

It is not difficult as the process is really easy, and if the application is not successful we will automatically be considered for any other scholarship for which we may be eligible. However, the Scholarships are competitive and we need to apply as soon as we get our conditional/unconditional offers and not wait until the latest deadline.

From your experience, how would you advise future international students? Any top tips?

I believe the university experience is not just about the campus but how we live our life during our studies. The course is quite intense, yet it’s flexible enough for you to find enjoyment outside lectures, tutorials, and workshops. I balanced studying, socializing, and working while studying abroad in the UK. While volunteering as an Events Ambassador and working as a Kitchen Staff, I was leading an Art and Culture Competition and participated and won 1st Place in Women's Basketball during Indonesian Olympiad Competitions.

Top tips for future international students would probably be, to have high ambitions and excitement before joining this course. Be open to seeing what Nottingham and UK could offer. As different as my experience is with other students, I believe this past 1 year has given me significant personal growth that I could never regret.

Still need help?

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