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Lauren Steele


The lectures are interesting, the work we’re given is exciting, and the classes we have are really interactive.

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What made you choose to study at NTU?
“I really loved the sound of the course and out of all the universities I looked at, this one seemed to suit me best. I like the fact the course doesn’t just focus on 3D work like a lot of other universities.”

What have you enjoyed most about your course so far?
“I’ve honestly enjoyed everything! I like that it’s a new kind of challenge for me as I’m used to graphic design. The lectures are interesting, the work we’re given is exciting, and the classes we have are really interactive.”

How do you find the course staff?
“I think they’re great. They’re all really good people, and you can tell they like what they do. I’ve never had teachers or tutors passionate about what they’re teaching, and they’re all really approachable. They’ve made moving to university a lot less stressful than I thought it would be.”

How do you find the facilities?
“The course specific facilities are great. There are high-end Cintiq touch drawing screens and software that’s used in the animation industry. There’s also some really good sound booths and motion capture rooms.”

How did you find Welcome Week?
“I thought it was really fun. I’m not much of a going out and drinking kind of person, and there were plenty of events that weren’t based around that, which I was super excited about. It gives you a good chance to meet like-minded people and try out societies or do things you’ve never done before.”

What was moving into halls like?
“It was scary considering I was moving across a very small sea! When I secured my accommodation, there was a Facebook group for it and I got to meet the majority of my flatmates through that. It stopped me feeling as nervous about it. It’s also helped me come out of my shell a bit more and helped me gain a lot of independence.”

Have you joined any societies?
“I have! I’m only in one but I would really recommend it. It gives you the chance to make friends who like the same stuff as you do, or are similar to you. I joined the Pride Society in Welcome Week to find that two of my classmates had joined too, now we’ve become great friends!”

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