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Lucy Holland


United Kingdom
We get to use equipment you could only dream about using if you weren’t at university!

More about Lucy

What made you choose to study at NTU?
“I’ve always loved Nottingham as a city, so decided to look around NTU. I immediately knew it was where I wanted to study. All the facilities seemed great and during the interview all the staff I spoke to seemed genuinely interested in my work. You could tell they were passionate about photography themselves and that’s what really made up my mind about studying here.”

What do you enjoy most about studying Photography?
“All the workshops that we have the opportunity to take part in are great; my favourite was definitely learning how to use 10x8 cameras. We get to use equipment you could only dream about using if you weren’t at university!”

Can you tell us a little bit about a project that you have really enjoyed?
“During my first year my favourite brief was to try and tell a story though an image. I had a lot of fun with this as I roped in my nan and grandad to model for me. During the shoot I made it look like my nan had poisoned my grandad with rhubarb crumble!”

Has the course included any guest lecturers?
“Each year we have a series of guest speakers come in. My favourite so far has been Alma Haser’s talk. She is an NTU alumna and it was really inspiring to see someone who has studied here doing so well in the industry.”

How do you find the facilities?
“The course level facilities such as studios and workshops are great and always kept up to date. The art shop in Bonington is really good value for money compared to other places and has everything you need.”

What do you like about studying and living in Nottingham?
“I love Nottingham as a city because it’s so diverse with lots going on so you never run out of things to photograph.”

Why would you recommend studying Photography at NTU?
“All in all I think NTU is a great university to study at; the staff are all helpful and welcoming, the facilities are great and I’ve met a lot of people here that I know I’m going to be friends with for a very long time. You are given lots of great opportunities with trips,  guest lectures and workshops that will all help you grow as a photographer.”

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