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Everyone might look content, but they'll be just as terrified as you. Make friends, work hard, and make something weird!

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What made you choose to study Graphic Design at NTU?
“Before coming to NTU I completed a Foundation Diploma, during this my tutors recommended NTU.”

Can you tell us how it feels to have won a D&AD New Blood Award, and a little about the project you worked on?
"Winning this award has been a magical voyage. Our project ‘Male Baggage’ aims to break the often-harmful stereotypes placed upon men. It encourages men to talk about their feelings without fear of judgement. Men are brought up to believe that talking about their feelings is a sign of weakness. Whether it’s said directly or implied by society as a whole, the message seems clear: being emotionally open makes you less of a man.

"We chose this project in light of the horrifying number of sexual assault victims coming forward in recent months (seen prominently across the Weinstein case) as well as rising rates in male suicide and depression. So called 'Toxic Masculinity' is a serious issue in need of serious thought."

Have you been involved in any live projects as part of your course?
“In our second year we completed a live brief set by the award-winning brand & communications agency The Team. We were asked to rebrand the disability charity 'Scope' and promote the idea of 'the social model of disability.' In response, we created a sticker campaign aimed at raising awareness and encouraging teamwork to tackle issues such as poor disability access and cuts to benefits. At the end of the project we had the opportunity to present our work at a studio in London which was nice.”

Have you had any speakers or lecturers from industry visit as part of your course?
“One that sticks out was a talk from Michael Johnson of Johnson Banks. He gave us a really coherent and down to Earth perspective on branding. It was quite refreshing.”

What do you think of the facilities available to you?
“The facilities at NTU are amazing! I'm going to miss being able to book out cameras so easily.”

What do you think about the staff on your course?
“They're ace! They offer constant support, constant enthusiasm and constant positivity. Exactly what you need!”

What do you like about living in Nottingham?
“I think the city was the right size for me moving away from home. It's big, but not so big that you get lost.”

What advice would you give to a prospective student joining NTU this year?
“Everyone might look content, but they'll be just as terrified as you. Make friends, work hard, and make something weird!”

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