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Andreea Avramescu


There are many opportunities and activities organised by the university and it is definitely worth signing up for as many as possible. These events and activities are great fun and also educational!

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Current job role: Human Resources Officer
Company name: BCM Fareva
Graduated: 2017

I completed my BA (Hons) in Service Sector Management at New College Nottingham and then moved onto a Postgraduate Level 3 Certificate in Human Resources Practice at NTU.

In addition to my studies, from June 2013 until January 2015, I worked as a hotel receptionist and was recently offered the opportunity to develop further by joining the Travelodge Management Training Programme. I therefore combine working with my master’s studies commitments.

When choosing a master’s degree, what did you consider it important to have?

For me it was recognised accreditation and a high ranking, both of which were offered by Nottingham Business School. The fact that the MSc Human Resource Management course is accredited by CIPD was also a real attraction for me.

What were your reasons for studying a master’s degree and why did you choose Nottingham Business School?

I believed that a Master’s degree was the next milestone in my career to help me accomplish my goals.

The degree itself appealed to me greatly, not only because it equips me with the essential knowledge to become a specialist in Human Resource Management but also because the curriculum satisfies my wide-ranging intellectual curiosity and intense interest in employee relations.

Having previously studied at NBS (Nottingham Business School) I felt that I was working under the guidance of great professors and that I was fully supported through my studies. This gave me the full confidence that I would certainly be able to exploit my potential to its fullest and was the main reason I chose to study at NBS.

Why did you choose to study HRM and what did you enjoy about it?

During the MSc Human Resource Management degree my studies have been industry relevant, career-focused and taught by tutors who are experts in their field. I believe this will enable me to benefit from every opportunity to develop an exciting career as a human resource professional.

A key feature that attracted me to the degree was how it combines the theoretical side with the practical and this represents my favourite aspect of my experience on the course.

Describe what your seminars are like and how they differ from your undergraduate experience?

The seminars are indeed very different. My lecturers have various innovative techniques of delivering sessions such as debates, negotiations, group work, presentations, videos, additional exercises for each session and group discussions. Lecturers also use their own valuable experiences to give practical examples to the class which I can relate to and makes learning a lot easier.

What are the key skills you have developed during your time at NBS?

One of the key skills that I have developed during my degree is critical thinking through challenging viewpoints and considering both sides of an argument. I have gained skills such as timekeeping and task prioritisation as I am currently working full-time and studying full-time. I have also developed key listening skills and being able to ask questions strategically.

How has the master’s degree differed from your undergraduate experience?

The Master’s degree is a completely different experience. In terms of the learning/theoretical aspect. I now feel free to express my own views and I feel these are listened to and taken into consideration whereas my undergraduate experience was more descriptive and following points already existent in the literature.

Do you feel that your overall experience in the degree will make you more competitive in the job market?

I definitely believe so. I have developed a wealth of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. For example, I have developed HRM specific knowledge such as carrying out organisational needs analysis and putting together strategic plans. I have also studied a raft of employment law cases.

These will definitely be the topics I will be talking about during my future job interviews. In addition, I believe these experiences helped me develop professionally as well as personally making me a more rounded individual.

What clubs, societies or other activities have you been involved in at Nottingham Trent University?

I have taken part in the Thinkubator Challenge. I am also a Student Ambassador and I have volunteered to deliver Financial Literacy sessions to year 7 and 8 students at Bluecoat Academy schools organised by Santander and supported by NTU. Furthermore, I have taken part in several sessions during the Responsibility Week and Development Week.

How have you found moving to and living in Nottingham?

Straightforward. I moved to the UK nine years ago in order to learn the language and to continue studying.

I have found English humour challenging to understand. I found the people very welcoming and supportive. In addition, my language has improved significantly, both written and spoken. I could not speak English at all when I moved here and here I am nine years later almost having completed a Master’s degree!

What can a week in Nottingham look like for a master’s student?

This is a good question. I am sure a week in Nottingham would look incredibly fun and interesting for a Master’s student. For me, it is pretty intense as I work 40 hours per week and attend seminars and lectures for another 17 hours per week.

I spend my evenings off in the library and rarely experience the ‘fun side’ of student life, but I can assure you, there is definitely a fun and vibrant side to it! At the end of the day, life is as much fun as you make it and I truly enjoy spending time studying. It is so rewarding!

What are your short term and long term career plans?

My short term career plan is to find a new job in my field after graduating. Interestingly, this used to be my long term plan, but since I have met several inspiring figures at NBS. My horizons have opened and I have been inspired to continue my studies and apply for a PhD!

What advice would you give someone who is thinking about applying for the programme?

Try to find the balance between studying and having fun. There are many opportunities and activities organised by the university and it is definitely worth signing up for as many as possible. These events and activities are great fun and also educational! Make the most of the facilities and support available (library, placement opportunities, networking prospects etc.).

Without a doubt I would recommend studying at NBS to other students. I have already recommended the institution to two of my work colleagues and they are considering applying.

Finally, in one sentence, how would you describe your experience of studying a master’s degree at NBS?

Fantastic! It has been the best year of my life. I did not expect such a rich experience. I have made great friends, completely changed the way I think and I have learnt to remain aware of the external environment and the impact this may have on my chosen industry. I have also made valuable contacts both from the university and from guest speakers I met during my course.

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