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Course studied: Executive MBA / SLMDA

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NBS placed great emphasis on using real-world experiences and international perspectives to support my learning, which I felt would add significant value in applying the theoretical knowledge within my current and future roles.

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What is your current role and what does it entail?

My current role is a Strategic Planning Manager whereby I am responsible for the development of the Trust wide capacity plan, which collectively supports the delivery of activity, workforce and financial plans for Nottingham University Hospitals.  I work collaboratively across the clinical divisions and corporate teams to oversee the development of demand and capacity modelling, ensuring strategic alignment to both the Trust’s operational plan and wider Integrated Care System ambitions.   As part of this work, I also lead the development of a multi-year service reconfiguration programme, which aims to create additional clinical capacity and improve operational efficiency through cross-site and intercampus moves across the organisation.

Why did you want to study an MBA course?

I began my journey on the EMBA with a purpose developing my business and leadership skills to support career progression into a strategic management role.  At the time of applying for the course, I held a management position within the Trust as an Associate Speciality General Manager, with responsibility for the operational management of Paediatric Surgical services.  I was acutely aware of the gaps within my experience to progress into a strategic role and felt the diverse modules within the Executive MBA would broaden my knowledge of business administration and help develop my senior leadership skills through academic underpinning.

Why did you choose to study at NBS and NTU?

My decision to study at NTU/NBS was founded on the opportunity of completing the Senior Leadership Master’s Degree Apprenticeship whilst undertaking the Executive MBA course.  I felt this would provide me with the ability to learn the fundamental business components whilst being able to actively apply my learning within my role and across my organisation through.  Additionally, NBS placed great emphasis on using real-world experiences and international perspectives to support my learning, which I felt would add significant value in applying the theoretical knowledge within my current and future roles.

How do you believe the MBA course will affect your current job role and your future career?

Completing the MBA has supported my initial goal of moving into a senior strategic role, which has been achieved through academic underpinning and actual experiences gained from various industry based projects.  As I move through my career, I believe the course has provided a strong foundation for my knowledge, skills and behaviours as a senior leader and broadened my understanding of the key components required within any successful organisation.

What have been the highlights of the course?

I have had multiple highlights across the duration of the course, however the one which holds most significance includes the opportunity to undertake a consultancy based project for Mansfield District Council. This experience provided a great insight into the operational barriers that constrain strategic transformation and greater understanding into organisational culture within the public sector.  I was able to work alongside a range of stakeholders which has undoubtedly helped me appreciate the value of sharing a vision through strong leadership and good communications when developing a project.

How did you find out about the MBA?

I found out about the EMBA/SLMDA through my organisations apprenticeship scheme, whereby this course was available to support the development of senior leaders.

How did you balance studying alongside your professional role?

For the majority of my time studying for the EMBA I held an operational management position within a fast paced hospital environment, which became increasingly more demanding as we responded to  the Covid-19 pandemic. This would often require me to work late into the evening or feeling mentally drained at the end of the day before I had even contemplated sitting down to study.  However, I am highly self-motivated and therefore developed a study schedule to support my time-management, which enabled me to utilise my time effectively.  Whilst adopting this structure was a key component to completing the course, I did maintain an element of flexibility to my approach to ensure I could respond to urgent operational requests or simply take time out for myself to convalesce.

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